90 Day Korean Review

90 Day Korean Review (2024): How Does it Work?

The 90 Day Korean is a beginner Korean course that assures to learn Korean quickly by learning hand-picked Korean lessons. The course targets teaching only the most essential parts of the Korean language. Based on psychology and real life-like stories, the lessons are structured so that the learners can quickly learn the basic Korean language. 

Let’s dig into the complete guide to 90 Day Korean review and judge whether it is right for your journey to learn Korean. 

Available languages

90 Day Korean is only for the Korean language and the material is structured in a simple manner for easier comprehension. 

Learning Method

The course is split into four 90-day modules which are effectively structured in a way that you are not overwhelmed by the materials. People who have never learned Korean can resort to this course as it is aimed for beginners and gradually leads to higher levels. This course method is different from most courses. The lessons are broken down into a weekly basis. 90 Day Korean uses many psychological tricks to make you enjoy the lessons effectively. Some features of the language modules are 80/20 Vocab, fundamentals, challenges, cultural facts and ThematicLingo. There are some extras along the course. 

User Experience

Using 90 Day Korean is quite engaging and there is a sense of humor. Instead of boring lessons, the lessons are well-paced. You can easily navigate through the course without getting confused. Well organized lessons and quick challenges keep the learners engaged. You can use the course in both iOS and Android devices. Being mobile-friendly, you can also use it easily in the browser. Fully optimized version of the course is one of the best features. 


90 Day Korean is quite an affordable course. It has two subscription plans. One is the Inner Circle Course that costs $30 per month or $150 per year, but it is without coaching. If you opt for the coaching course, then it costs $47 per month or $247 annually.


  • The content is arranged in a less intimated manner so the lessons are simple and straightforward. 
  • The initial lessons are focused on how the language works instead of making you memorize random phrases.
  • Quick tests and challenges allow you to move further through learning instead of memorizing. 
  • 1 to 1 personal Korean coaching sessions allows the learners to comprehend and improve in Korean language. 


  • Although the interface is good enough, the platform looks a bit outdated 
  • Small glitches here and there 


90 Day Korean is truly an effective learning platform. The solid foundation of the Korean language through inclusive lessons, structured exercises, and tools allows the learners to enjoy and learn the Korean language within intermediate levels in 12 months or less. So, I think whether you are a beginner who wants to learn Korean for fun or conversations, it is a great course.

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