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Top 10 Arabic News Websites to Improve Reading Skill in 2023

To spark up your motivation to study Arabic, you need to figure out different learning strategies. Reading boring Arabic textbooks, or memorizing vocabulary lists might not do you any good.

However, engaging with the culture, society and news of Arab can definitely help you. For this, you need to read the news websites. Not only will it tailor your need to improve reading skills in Arabic, it will also satisfy your interest in relevant topics.

Let’s look at the best known Arabic news websites for you to read anywhere with a net connection!

1. Al-Jazeera

With its Arabic learning section, Al-Jazeera is a great source for both Arab news and language learning. The informative news from around the world along with reading materials with great quality grammar is found on one site of this news website. You will find many useful reading materials on a variety of topics.

2. Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya is a news website in Dubai where you can find the latest news and updates on the Middle East and the world. It is one of the best Middle East broadcasters covering a wide range of topics for everyone to remain updated with credible sources.

3. Al Bawaba

Headquartered in Jordan, Al Bawaba has been a promising news site for the Middle East countries. It has an office in Dubai, UAE. You can find the latest news, blogging and other media – related content. Besides Arabic, they have separate sections for English readers as well.

In case you need, you can use these Arabic to English translator apps.

4. Humans of Amman

Humans of Amman is one of the most popular formal blogs in Arabic. This Jordan – based website has writings written in Jordanian Arabic, so you can enrich your vocabulary if you read articles from it. The articles are on different topics with cultural insights by Arabic writers.

5. Arabian Business

Arabian Business is a website with news about business, economy, finance and industry. You can review many Middle East newspapers on the site. Even though it is a regional resource for news, it features news from other well – known newspapers.

6. Arabic Media

Arabic Media is an online news source that contains all the breaking news of the Arab world and news around the world. You will find links to different news portals and news channels through their website.

7. Google News

Even if it is not a news website itself per se, but definitely a great news source to improve your Arabic language. You can turn your settings to Arabic and use it to search for many materials in Arabic. This way, you can also improve your writing skills.

8. Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Press Agency is one of the official national news channels in Saudi Arabia. You will find news and live updates on different topics and languages, such as English and more. As it is a national news website, you can find many culturally relevant sources and phrases in the articles.

9. Al-Akhbar

For easy access to the news of Beirut, you can practice reading news from the website of Al-Akhbar. It is a state – owned semi-official news website which is published in a tabloid format. Before 2015, the website published its writings in English as well. Presently, you will only find articles written in English.

10. Eyoon

Eyoon is one of the leading news websites in the Arab world that covers political affairs and many other topics. It is an Arabic newspaper in Lebanon. The online version remains up to date, and you can learn more about the culture, sports and other aspects of Lebanon.

Maintaining momentum in learning the Arabic language is a key challenge. To increase your perseverance, you need to opt to engage in interesting learning sources. Here, reading Arabic news websites will surely advance your reading skills as well as safeguard your interest and motivation.

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