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Assimil Review (2024): Complete Ins and Outs!

Currently, there are many language learning platforms that are coming up with different approaches for users to experiment with and check which one suits their learning ability.

Assimil is a platform that offers a dialogue-based range of language courses that adapts the intuitive learning method using audio as the main material. The platform’s courses are developed with a combination of audio and dialogue based texts. It aims to work through both passive and active stages.

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Languages available in Assimil

Assimil offers you a great choice of language options to choose from. The languages available in Assimil are Japanese, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Yiddish, French and Portuguese. The contents of the platform are ideal for beginner to intermediate level.

Assimil’s teaching aspects

Assimil is ideal for beginners as it introduces pronunciation, basic grammar and other aspects of language acquisition. From the beginning of a course in Assimil, it starts with a set-up and a lot of explanations in a few pages.

The overview of the courses is detailed for the users. The aim of the long explanation is to let the learners know the process.

However, the language learning method used by Assimil is outdated. This ‘two wave’ approach has not proved to be effective, and the language drills are not even liked by many users. Even if the Assimil dialogues are extremely useful, it might not be the right answer for people who require other language learning techniques.

Usability of Assimil

The program design of Assimil has a professional feel to it. The design is slick and within a few minutes of using it, you will be able to navigate through the program. The challenging materials come after a few lessons.

The language courses include the Assimil’s Sans Peine series, which contains 4 audio CDs (and/or an MP3 disc or USB key) and a book. The audio dives right into the content, so you will not get annoyed with the irrelevant introductions. As Assimil’s Sans Peine courses are created with beginners in mind, I found the content pretty easy at the starting point, then the lessons proceed to higher level content.

The book contains general information about the targeted language, some tips on pronunciation and even the writing systems. As the audio is accompanied by texts, you can understand and learn without having to guess the meaning.

Cost with Assimil

Assimil provides multiple options of costs that vary by course. Typically, the price ranges between $50 and $70. The Spanish e-course is $54.21. The plan for the Spanish With Ease book without audio is $29.22. You even have the option to purchase the physical books, but there won’t be audio attached to it.

Pros of Assimil

  • Audio files accompanied by texts
  • Gradual development of content from primary to advanced
  • Lesson durations do not exceed an hour
  • Vocabulary and relevant phrases taught are applicable for real life situations
  • Grammar lessons are not overbearing
  • Most of the content are comprehensive

Cons of Assimil

  • The repetitive audio lessons can be annoying
  • It is translation based which has several drawbacks
  • The method used by the platform is not backed by case studies to prove its success rate
  • Some lessons contain unusual topics

Final thoughts on Assimil

After trying out Assimil, I get why some people would resort to the courses of Assimil. It is because of the relevant content and the vigorous language drills. However, the negative of Assimil is that the courses are based on translation technique. But it is not an authentic way to gain proficiency in a language.

Assimil is an excellent source to gain a solid foundation in your target language, but if you want to gain higher proficiency in a language for communication or other causes, it would be best if you resort to other options. If you are a beginner, you can start with Assimil and, after gaining complementary resources, you can switch to a more well-rounded education.

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