Babbel vs Busuu

Babbel vs Busuu (2024): Step by Step Comparison in 2023!

In the comparison between Babbel and Busuu, both these B language learning apps are in an interesting war. Have I captured your attention?

Are you curious to see who wins in the Babbel vs Busuu battle? Read the complete comparison between Babbel vs Busuu and stick till the end to find yourself. 

Know Babbel and Busuu: 

Babbel is a language learning app for studying all four language acquisition skills. It is based in Germany. It offers a range of languages along with some unconventional options, but the quality of the content of the languages differs within the app. The app features appealing learning content including  idioms and tongue-twisters.

On the other hand, Busuu is a British headquartered language learning app that offers a platform for people to learn new languages. You will find different accents on the platform as well, so you can learn conversational and regional accents in English particularly. 

Languages you can learn

Babbel allows you to learn 14 languages, including Spanish, Norwegian, German, and many more. Similarly, Busuu offers 12 languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, and more, although it offers 2 less language options for the users. 

Game of teaching methods

In the case of reviewing an app, you need to look at the teaching method and usability of the platform. Looking at Babbel, it offers a placement test and helps you figure out which course will be suitable for you. This app is most suitable for CEFR levels B2 and C1, but beginners are more than welcome to catch on the courses. Whereas, Busuu is for learning up to CEFR B2 level for half of the languages.

Now, moving on to the techniques, in Babbel, you learn through structured content made by professionals where you can find practicing exercises to improve your all language acquisition skills. The placement test works through the AI system, so you do not have to follow it blindly, rather use it as a guide to navigate your content. The Live subscription will allow you to speak and practice like a native speaker.

On the other hand, Busuu offers personalized plans and, based on your goals, gives you necessary exercises. Similar to Babbel, you can use visual and hearing activities to work on all your four language skills. There are mini lessons available to help you break chunks of study materials, especially for beginners. 

Is Babbel or Busuu worth the price? 

In using Babbel, they only offer a free trial for a day. Then you need to buy their subscription plan. On the monthly plan, the starting subscription choice is $13.95. Annually, you would need to pay $599 for the subscription of most features. 

Busuu allows you more convenience with their free and paid subscription features. With their 14-day trial, you can navigate through it in enough time to choose whether it is worth it. For a month with the least features, the starting cost is $11.72 and annually, with the premium subscription, you need to pay $96.31. 

Well, you don’t need to think more in the case of affordability that Busuu wins in this category. 

Best features: 

With a neck- to – neck battle between Busuu and Babbel, the deciding factor is the best feature for any language learner: availability of certificates. 

Babbel offers CEFR Certificates only available for English. However, Busuu offers CEFR Certificates available for several languages. 

Which one should you go for? 

Babbel is indeed a great competitor of Busuu. But so far, I will announce Busuu the winner of this comparison. With various features and suitable pricing, Busuu wins because of its genuine language learning certificate. But, if you do not want to take my word for it, you can surely try both and select the choice which suits your needs and language commitment goals.

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