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Baselang Review (2022): How it Actually Teaches?

Language learning not only requires commitment but also needs proper direction. Baselang is a one-of-a-kind service that offers Spanish learning lessons. Their unlimited content is developed and taught by native Spanish speakers. The amazing service by Baselang gained a lot of positive reviews online.

However, with its few drawbacks, shows some mixed reviews among the users. For you to see whether you should resort to using Baselang or not, I have brought for you a complete review guide on Baselang.

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Surely, after reading this Baselang review article, you will be able to make your call without hesitation.

Baselang Languages

Baselang only offers private Spanish lessons. Instead of focusing on different languages vaguely, Baselang solely focuses on teaching Spanish. The teachers are native Spanish speakers, and they come from Central and South America so some might have accents, but the curriculum is built properly for the learners to learn the right way!

Baselang Curriculum

Baselang’s main focus is to ensure proficiency in Spanish for the learners for which they have developed an extensive curriculum. The program is created with a wide range of electives that work on grammar, vocabulary and spoken Spanish.

The lessons are organized from easier to an advanced level, so the learner does not get overwhelmed. The teachers are professional, so they are pretty flexible with the lessons and timings for you to practice instead of completing the lessons halfheartedly.

For the classes, you can make up your own notes and even use your own materials during the class sessions, so Baselang is not rigid with the contents.

User Experience with Baselang

I tried Baselang and the first thing that appeared appealing to me was the intuitive design of the website. You can use the platform using your laptop browser or any mobile device, including iOS. It is easy to navigate from the first try.

However, something that bothered me was that the log-in timed out too fast. It might be annoying once you start your program, but it will not be an issue for you.

The customer service of Baselang is impressive. In the form of chatting, you can ask your queries. The helpful customer service answers within a few minutes and maximum gets back within an hour. You hopefully won’t face any disturbances in using the website or app.


The price of Baselang for unlimited one-to-one Spanish programs is $149 per month. The plan includes Baselang Real World and Baselang DELE programs. You can start testing Baselang by signing up for the 7-day with only $1. Baselang offers the Grammarless program, which costs $900 which follows the immersion approach to ensure an extensive learning curriculum.

Benefits of Baselang

  • Unlimited one-to-one classes
  • The content of the lessons vary in variety
  • Lessons are available and accessible for all level learners
  • The teachers are native Spanish speakers

Lackings of Baselang

  • Some lessons are repetitive
  • It is difficult to book slots for favorite teachers
  • The website is appealing but is slow at times as you progress

Final words on Baselang

Spanish is a language that is spoken by an estimated 493 million people. If you are keen on learning the language, you can interact and learn a lot. For you to ace it, Baselang is truly the best platform to learn Spanish online.

However, it is expensive compared to other apps, but the immersive program is dedicated to making it worth it. The lessons are well-developed and the teachers are native speakers, so you are surely to progress well within months.

Despite its drawbacks, overall, the positives over weigh the negatives, so after this review with explanation, you can take a chance with Baselang if you are dedicated to learning Spanish.

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