Baselang vs italki

Baselang vs italki (2022): Which One Fits Your Choice?

In a rift between Baselang and iTalki? Wondering which one to choose for your language learning journey?

No worries, as I am here with the complete comparative guide on Baselang vs italkie that will take you through feature by feature judgment on both platforms. If you are eager to know it all, read further.

Language options

Just like how it was primarily designed, Baselang is a platform focused solely on Spanish language programs. Interestingly, you can choose your teacher from different countries, like South America and other places, and learn different Spanish accents.

Unlike Baselang, italki provides you with a wide variety of languages ranging up to 150 languages. Along with the popular and common ones, you will find less common languages like Tsonga, Swahili and Basque.

Comparing Learning styles

Baselang aims to ensure the learners to become proficient in Spanish. It follows an extensive curriculum where, through a wide range of lessons on vocabulary, grammar and spoken English, learners learn through immersive technique.

Even if it might seem a bit overwhelming at times, the well organized lessons help with making progress. Most of the teachers are professionals or native speakers, so you can trust them to learn materials accurately. However, as there is no rigid structure, you can maintain your own pace.

For italki, once you sign up and select your target language, the website will redirect you to the option page where you can choose your tutor and other aspects, like timing, number of classes and so on. One advantage is that you can select and see if the various charges fit your budget and then confirm.

Italki does not follow a rigid curriculum, so based on the language you are learning, the tutor is going to guide and teach you. The teaching technique is similar to classroom online teaching.

User experience with Baselang and italki

One of the things that impressed me about Baselang was the intuitive design of the website. I will give cookie points to the platform developers to make it easier to navigate along with an appealing design. You can use it via your mobile devices or desktop. Once you create an account and log in, you can directly get to your lesson tab. If you are facing any problem, you can contact their customer support, which is very responsive.

You can start using italki with your mobile device or personal computer. For both iOS and android devices, the app is available. However, I would recommend using the mobile app version as it appears more interactive and easier to use. For the sessions, you can easily filter out your preferences of teacher, timings and more. The filters allow you to categorize and get your choice done as fast as possible.

Comparing prices

Baselang allows the users to sign up for the 7-day for only $1 so that they can choose to test it. Now for the paid plan. For unlimited one-to-one Spanish programs, Baselang charges $149 per month. If you want to go for the intense immersion technique curriculum, it costs $900 with tons of materials, lessons and finite classes.

The Affordability of Italki comes with its unique plans. Italki allows you to pay according to the teacher you select and the number of classes. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can set it and select the plan that suits you. The minimum rate is $4 and a maximum of $80. Worry not! You can test out with their 3 30-minute trial lessons before you start paying for your plans.

Comparing pros and cons

With Baselang, you can choose your teacher and study in one-to-one classes. The variations in content lessons are accessible for all level learners. The Spanish teachers are native speakers, so you can improve your speaking and listening skills. Overall, it has a well-designed curriculum.

However, if you are on a tight budget, it is not a choice. The repetitive lessons and difficulty in finding slots are major problems while progressing.

For Italki, the major benefits are the wide variety of languages, affordability and better user experience. The filter options allow you to select according to your preference, and the good interface adds to the overall experience.

But, with no set curriculum, it might be hard to catch up with the lessons. On the other hand, the lack of a set standard for tutors and the quality of teaching is another drawback.

My say after comparing Baselang and iTalki

Baselang is quite similar to italki in many ways. However, Baselang only offers Spanish programs. If you aim to speak fluently in Baselang, it is the best option with a complete curriculum and less cost than italki in terms of classes. But you know options will be limited with Baselang.

So, my recommendation is to opt for Baselang if you want to learn Spanish or else go for italki if you want to learn other languages.

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