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Berlitz Review (2024): Take Course on Any Language!

Learning a language needs tons of motivation and self – discipline You will also need good resources and platforms that will guide and help you to learn a language in an easier, more comprehensible way. One of the platforms that has gained quite some name in the field of language learning is Berlitz.

You can learn about Berlitz language review techniques, learners’ experience, pricing, and more in this article. So, read ahead!

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Languages you can learn with Berlitz

Berlitz offers more than 50 languages, and they intend to add several more. Some languages besides the common ones are Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, and more.

Method of learning with Berlitz

Berlitz is designed to focus on everyday conversations so that learners can use the language in their daily communication. There is less emphasis given on lengthy grammatical explanations. Berlitz adapted the “direct method” that teaches the language with the focus of using the language as a tool for communication.

The target language is taught without over explanations of grammar rather than the natural way learning is aimed. The instructors who developed the programs aimed to make them overbear with grammar rules and strict regulations.

For the main 5 languages (French, Italian, Chinese, German and Spanish), there are different methods and levels available. Among the additional materials, you can find phrasebooks, dictionaries and audio files.

User experience with Berlitz

Berlitz did a pretty good job with its content and organization. However, one thing that got me as their drawback is the software itself. As usability is one of the key features, I need to tell you that Berlitz has a poor score on it according to me.

The interface is hard to master and only when you are comfortable with it, you make most use of the Berlitz software. If they could enhance their voice recognition feature and interface for better quality, then it would be more convenient to use.


Berlitz offers you options based on your study preferences. For self – study programs, the cost starts at $99.00 per year. It includes 10 speaking practice sessions and downloadable materials are available.

If you want to go for the immersion course, where you will find all materials and lessons organized, it is for $490.00 per month. It includes all videos, lessons, and language programs.

Pros of Berlitz 

  • Provides comprehensive lessons
  • Wide range of variety in materials
  • The materials are created and tested by language experts

Cons of Berlitz

  • Poor quality of speech recognition feature
  • The interface is quite confusing
  • The tracking process is unclear


When it comes to Berlitz, my recommendation is that if you are looking for a comprehensive language learning course, then you should opt for Berlitz. Compared to its competitors, it is definitely better in terms of cost and content. For beginner and intermediate learners, you can definitely give it a shot as the price, with its extensive range of features, is worth it.

If you are looking for a comprehensive language learning course, then Berlitz is a fine choice. Where the Berlitz language course is a let-down is in usability. Learning to use software is harder than one would prefer. However, once you master the interface, the software becomes much more useful.

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