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Busuu Review (2024): Things You Need to Know!

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Busuu one of the most effective language learning platforms for all type of learners from beginners to experts who are looking to speak like native people.


Busuu is a paid language learning app that uses digital flashcards to develop your language skills. They offer different tools of language acquisition that appeal to users who start their language learning journey with Busuu.

If you have come across an ad for Busuu and are wondering if it will be possible to acquire and practice a language, then here is a Busuu review for you to make your choice!

Available languages to Learn

You can learn 12 different languages via Busuu. They are: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Polish.

How to use Busuu

Busuu is developed for any kind of user to navigate their language learning courses. Its easy-to-use interface is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app and get started.

You can access the lessons using its desktop version as well. You can even practice your language exercise offline by downloading beforehand. So, you can work on improving your language skills anywhere and anytime.

If you prefer the desktop version, you can use the web version to learn language using your computer. The keyboard control system assists you in enjoying an easy learning experience.

Busuu Review

Teaching Method

The very first step to starting with Busuu is to choose your level in the language you want to learn (Beginner A1, Elementary A2, Intermediate B1, Upper Intermediate B2).

Based on your level, the app will direct you to a curriculum designed to improve your language learning. You will be required to choose certain categories like business, culture, travel and your lessons will include flashcards of your topics of interest. This enables you to stay motivated.

Through the free version, you can learn with the flashcard system to enhance your vocabulary and small dialogues to help you in normal conversations in your target language.

Busuu’s advanced lessons along with tailored content is only available once you purchase a subscription. Besides the lesson contents, you can join the different speaking and practice programs offered by Busuu. The 30-minute tailored lessons are flexible programs so you can become an ace at your targeted language even if you have a busy schedule.

Want to know if Busuu is right for you?

If you are one of those workaholics who has a packed schedule, Busuu brings interactive 10 – minute lessons to let you learn a new language. The bite-sized lessons can be learned anywhere, on the bus or while sitting in the waiting room.

You can set up different goals and schedule for yourself to achieve excellent results. The speech recognition tool of Busuu is impressive for those who are too shy to interact with native speakers of their target language. Using online speaking practice, you can easily get better at speaking.

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Pricing of Busuu

All good things come with a price. To get most of the benefits of the app, you need to pay for its subscription. Busuu offers free, premium and premium versions See which one suits you best: 

Free version: You can enjoy flashcards of different topics in your target language. The small dialogues will help you get comfortable using the language in basic daily conversations. You can see images and learn about the culture, travel and other topics of your target language.

Premium version: In this version, you will find a plethora of options to improve your language skills. For $6.85 USD per month, you can use the offline feature, use the AI speaking tool, take quizzes to check your knowledge, and unlock grammar lessons.

The advanced features will make your language learning journey more enjoyable and smoother.

Premium Plus version: To access the extensive features of Busuu, you need to pay about $7.85 USD a month. Once you get to this level, you can have access to all 12 language contents and even get personalized study plans to help you master any language.

The best feature of this version is that you can get a certificate. In English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, you can get an official certificate according to CEFR tests.

Busuu confidently offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to try, then do so without hesitation. The membership and advanced features are impressive. So you can safely pay for it and see if it meets your needs.

Key features of Busuu

  • The placement tasting at the beginning is a suitable method to start your language learning journey. This helps you to plan and study for the best outcomes.
  • In the premium version, you can get your writing lessons corrected by native speakers. They even send you some feedback to work on. This will unlock your potential to do well.
  • The goal setting option along with scheduling features is an attractive one in Busuu. Without constant nagging, you can keep track of your progress and the attainable goals in your language learning process can be achieved.

Limitations of Busuu

  • There are 12 languages available in Busuu. You can access all of the contents with your Premium Plus membership. If you are looking for more unconventional choices, this might not be it.
  • One of the greatest drawbacks of Busuu is that it has an inconsistent quality of content. Languages like English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French have developed content. But the other languages only cover basic contents, thus varying the quality of language content.
  • The repetitive review sections are another disadvantage. You won’t be able to make notable improvements once you reach a certain level. Less constructive feedback at the advanced stages leaves a bitter taste for the advanced learners.

Concluding words

In this review of Busuu, you can see the different advantages and disadvantages of using Busuu for learning a language. With its attractive features and extensive study plans, you are bound to master a new language.

However, its limitations might hold you back. Either way, Busuu is definitely worth a try. If the criteria fits your needs, then Busuu is a recommended choice.

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