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Busuu vs Babbel (2024): Find the Best One!

Busuu and Babbel are often compared because of their uncanny similarities but indeed there are quite a few differences. Whether you want to learn your second or third language, you may have considered Busuu or Babbel. As a language learning app, both are detailed and you will be in a confusion which one to opt for. For helping you make your choice, here is a complete guide of Busuu vs Babbel that you need to check out. 

Available languages

Babbel currently offers online courses in 14 languages: Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish.

Busuu’s courses cover 12 of the more commonly spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Arabic.

Learning Method

Babbel provides a placement test which determines your current level of the target language. Then based on that, you will be placed on the accurate level. The grammar and vocabulary plans are also set accordingly. For different languages, the levels differ so there are several courses available for each language. Entire course is broken down to multiple short and small lessons with a lot of effective exercises for ensured progress. 

Busuu also provides language placement tests. Based on your appropriate level, the course plan will be organized. However, unlike Babbel, Busuu is a tad bit flexible as it allows you to move around the lessons besides the plan provided through the placement test. Busuu allows the learners a more flexible plan and it encourages the learners to learn from other sources as well. 

User Experience

Babbel has a more organized curriculum with a lot of additional practices. The learners can navigate through the platform and lessons easily. As the learner moves around new lessons, the previous ones are revised through the repetitive exercises. The AI technology adapted in the platform is impressive with its daily reminder reinforcements. Learners can practice all 4 language skills because of the AI technology design with speech recongnition. The app is also impressive with its layout and easy to use feature. 

Busuu is a simple and easy to use platform. The interface is impressive and the layout is avoidant of distractions. The learners can enjoy a better learning experience along with user experience while using Busuu rather than many other platforms. The features to skip, change or re-organize lessons creates flexibility. There is also a convenient track feature. 


Babbel offers guaranteed money-back within 20 days of use. It offers multiple subscription models. One is a monthly basis, which starts at $12.95 per month. For a three month and annual plan subscription, it costs $8.95 and $6.95 per month respectively. The pricing is based on access to only one language course. 

Busuu offers a Premium plan and a Premium Plus plan. The first one provides access to only a number of courses. It costs $9.99 per month. The Plus plan provides you access to all courses along with features of study plan and downloadable vocabulary PDF. It costs $13.99 for one month. 


Advantages of Busuu: 

  • Layout of the website is simple and clean
  • Interface is user-friendly 
  • Features for feedback on pronunciation 
  • Lessons are designed to be practical and easy to use in daily life 

Advantages of Babbel: 

  • Lessons are well-designed with short and engaging content
  • Impressive interface so the website is easy to navigate
  • Content of the lessons are relevant for practical use


Disadvantages of Busuu

  • Some languages like the Chinese course is lower in quality than other languages
  • No translations available for some exercises
  • Less content on comprehension of grammar and its explanations in lessons

Disadvantages of Busuu

  • Speech recognition feature is not effective for pronunciation exercises
  • Some lessons are repetitive, making it boring and ineffective
  • Content of the lessons are not grammar focused so exercises can be overwhelming 


Busuu and Babbel are among those few platforms which have gained massive popularity because of their easy navigation and impressive layouts. For beginners, both of them create good impressions, but which one to choose? For more advanced learning, both of the platforms have shortcomings. For beginners, Babbel is certainly a better choice because of its effective practices, but dont use it if you are learning an Asian language. Busuu does not suffice to its cost even though the lessons are of good quality. Avoid Busuu if your target language is Chinese or Arabic. 

Either of them are good for beginners, but Babbel is safer in many prospects for effective learning than Busuu.

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