Busuu vs Lingodeer

Busuu vs Lingodeer (2023): The Ultimate Comparison!

When searching for the right language learning platform for yourself, you will run into tons of choices. Even though people differ in their learning styles, there are a few platforms which are not worth your time or money. Whereas, there are popular platforms such as Lingodeer or Busuu that are top of the list of the best language learning platforms.

If you stumbled upon these two and are having a hard time finding which would be suitable for you. Read this comparative guide of Busuu vs Lingodeer before making your decision. 

Available languages

Currently Lingodeer offers Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese. 

Busuu offers a total of 14 different languages. The effective language courses are English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Dutch.

Learning Method

Lingodeer follows a grammar-centered lesson plan and promotes actual mastery of a language. For those who prefer structured comprehensive learning style, this platform constructed the lesson plans effectively. With the explanations of writing systems allows precise learning and enhances comprehension skills. The course offers rehearsing vocabulary terms, placement in sentences, grammar strategies and more. However, the grammar course falls under the extensive part of the plans offered so it is optional. 

One of the main features of Busuu’s approach is the social component present in the lessons which makes the language learning effective. The classes are conversational and refer to grammar practices that are used in speaking and writing practices. With features of digital flashcards, interesting topics, engaging conversational lessons, the learners can stay committed to learning. Based on the level you choose, Busuu offers lesson plans for Beginner A1, Elementary A2, Intermediate B1 and Upper Intermediate B2. Based on the CEFR, the platform places the learners.

User Experience

Lingodeer offers high quality video lectures. You can easily navigate through the platform using Android or iOS. The desktop version needs a lot of upgrades as you won’t find all the features that are found in the app. The program is accessible and better to use as the app version than the website one. 

Besides the structured study plan, Busuu offers an impressive user experience with its attractive and simple to navigate layout. The classes and lessons can be tracked and come back to anytime without feeling lost. 


When it comes to pricing, there is a vast difference between Lingodeer and Busuu. For the basic plan, Busuu costs $6.66, whereas, Lingodeer costs $14.99. Well, in terms of affordability, Busuu definitely wins with a range of packages. But Lingodeer tries to make it worth the money by gamifying and providing offline lectures. It offers a relatively reasonable monthly, quarterly, or annual membership plan, so based on your goal, you can choose your plan. 

Busuu offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. LingoDeer also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you purchase a subscription directly through the website.



  • Gamification of the platform makes it interesting for the users 
  • Provides offline lectures
  • For a higher pricing, offers VIP support


  • The instructors are professionals and top-quality with their experience 
  • Grammar lessons are top-quality content
  • Quizzes provided are effective feature for learners to progress
  • The lesson contents contain culturally relevant advices that makes the learning meaningful 
  • Opportunities for feedback 



  • The desktop version lacks some of the functionalities 
  • Inconsistencies in learning levels 
  • Not all languages have complete courses 


  • There are few exercises that are not translate 
  • Quality of the courses varies to some languages offered on the platform 


When comparing Busuu vs Lingodeer, there are quite a few aspects where both the platforms compete with each other at a higher stake. As Lingodeer is a relatively new language software, there is a lot of room for improvement even though they did a great job at structuring an impressive platform.

On the other hand, Busuu offers a more inclusive platform with its content containing culturally relevant lessons and grammar practices. With its structured lessons, and affordability, Busuu is heavier on the scale of quality content and other features than Lingodeer.

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