Busuu vs Memrise

Busuu vs Memrise (2024): Which One Fits Your Need?

You might have already heard about Busuu and Memrise before. But do you want to know which one of the two would be your ultimate choice for a language learning journey?

Confused? No worries. I am here to help you with this complete guide on Busuu vs Memrise and their pros and cons.

I share with you my research materials, so you don’t have to spend time on testing rather you can simply judge yourself. Ready to get started?

Languages Available for you to Learn

Offering 12 language courses, Busuu is here with the courses in more commonly spoken languages. They are Polish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, and more.

Memrise wins when it comes to offering a variety of language courses to its users. You will find the above-mentioned language courses similar to Busuu. Along with them, there are Japanese, German, French and more.

Using Busuu and Memrise Language Apps

Both Busuu and Memrise are the primary flashcard apps. Both apps use a reward system to motivate the users. When it comes to layout, Busuu did a great job at creating an interactive design to engage the users. I will claim that Memrise did not lose either.

Busuu and Memrise aim to assist you in learning your target language in an easier way. Both can be used mobile devices and desktops. Busuu arranges gaming elements and quiz challenges. Memrise on the other hand, uses chatbots for interactive learning time with the learners. The conversational abilities of the chatbots are impressive, but there is room for improvement.

Learning experience

Memrise focused on teaching vocabulary for daily encounters, including common words and phrases. So, for those who aim to learn language for spoken purpose, Memrise will help you to hold conversations in your target language.

Busuu did quite a good job at making their lessons, especially for beginner level learners. But, I will say that in the case of learning techniques and content, Memrise takes the lead.


Busuu offers two choices of subscription plan: Premium and Premium Plus. The Premium only provides access to one language, which costs $9.99 for one month. On the other hand, Premium Plus provides access to all the languages available on the platform for $13.99 per month.

For Memrise, the good news is that most of the content is available for free. However, if you want to purchase the Premium version, it costs $8.99 per month on a monthly basis. The plan includes their grammar and chatbots, official courses, and some other features.


Busuu pushes the learners to learn through simulated conversation practice. Based on real life scenarios, different exercises are planned for improvement. Busuu allows users to get feedback about their mistakes. The website and apps are designed with an interactive layout to keep the users motivated to learn easily.

Memrise did an impressive job with their repetition exercise that allows the users to memorize and revise vocabulary for a longer time. This flashcard app allows users to have interactive lessons. The never – ending range of content available on the platform offers a never ending journey of learning.


One of the noticeable quality drops in Busuu is in their Chinese course. The learners pointed out that they did not learn to type or write in the language even though there were plenty of resources provided by Busuu but not effective. Furthermore, the lack of grammar explanations and practice in each lesson is a drawback.

Memrise lacks content for intermediate or advanced level learners. Despite having tons of content for beginners, there is not enough content for higher level learners. Besides, the paid version does not really add much value to users, so you can gain more knowledge through the free version.

Final thoughts

Before I come to my conclusion, I want to say that when it comes to useful resources for beginners, both Busuu and Memrise are commendable. If you set a decent budget for your language program, you can attain effective learning through these platforms.

However, there are certain drawbacks to both platforms. Memrise is better for improving vocabulary, but you do not really need to pay for the premium version for your improvement. Busuu offers various kinds of content for better output from the students. Instead of confusing you, I will directly recommend Memrise for learning a language as it will allow you to use your target language in your life.

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