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Cambly Review (2024): Worth Your Time?

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If you prefer to have your own native private tutor for live learning then Cambly is one of the best options to proceed with.


Cambly is an English learning basic tutoring service. You will be connected to native English speakers and tutors around the world through the site.

Based on the subscription package, you can obtain basic features and have interactive sessions. If you are considering resorting to using Cambly, here is the Cambly review to help you find your answer.

What languages can you learn with Cambly?

Cambly is an English learning platform only. It is ideal for basic, intermediate, IELTS, business English, conversational skills and pronunciation.

How to use Cambly?

Cambly is best known for providing the chance to practice speaking skills. Based on the categories of your linguistic goals, you can select the lesson type, level and accent. With the “find tutors” page, you can choose a tutor for a virtual call. Then you will be connected to the classroom with the available teacher.

You can download the app on your android or iOS and even use their website on your desktop to attend the classes. According to your subscription, you can attend class sessions of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. You can select the number of days of the week for the sessions.

You can pick your tutor based on the accent, personality, hobbies and profile provided by the website. Heads up, the tutors are not always professional language teachers, however, they do meet a certain qualification criteria for tutoring English.

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Is Cambly for you?

Cambly is a language learning platform for all. If you want to have a better grasp of the English language, matter what your level, you can obtain improved results. This online platform enhances from basics to advanced English. Based on your linguistic goals, you can start with organized course plans and even exceed your goals. English for beginners, intermediates and even preparation for IELTS is available on the website.

According to statistics, many individuals use the platform to improve their Advanced Business English as well. So, contrary to what some people think that it is only for younger students, adults of any level can use Cambly for their English language learning and improvement.

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Cambly Pricing

Pricing is one of the key factors in choosing a platform. In Cambly, you need to choose your weekly agenda based on the time per day. The timing varies between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes per day. The tutoring sessions can be chosen between 2 days to 5 days a week. After you select the timings, you can decide to choose to pay monthly, quarterly (10% discount), or on an annual basis (25% discount).

You can use Cambly referral program or make your friend sign up, then you can get free minutes. Looking at the bare minimum, for 15 minutes a day twice a week, you need to pay $52 per month. If you pay quarterly or annually, it would cost $47 and $39 per month, respectively.

For the Cambly Kids version, the cost starts at $10 per month. The most expensive option of 60 minutes every 5 days of the week will cost $269 per month on the monthly plan, $242 per month on the quarterly plan, and $202 on the annual plan.

You can start with their offered free trial classes. If you feel you can reap benefits from Cambly, you can proceed to select the plan and timing that works for you.

Benefits of choosing Cambly

  • You can pick your own tutor based on your preference.
  • Directly communicating with an English tutor for personalized sessions
  • A great way to get support through your language acquisition.
  • Flexible timing to study in between your busy schedule 
  • A great option for improving speaking skills in English.


  • It is difficult to find student reviews on the tutors.
  • The tutors are not required to have a degree or be qualified, so you might get into some wrong deals.
  • Comparatively, the lessons are more expensive than other sites.
  • Mostly speaking skills are only improved, so it lacks holistic ensured English improvement.
  • Based on the reviews, Cambly faces technical issues during the tutoring session because of their frequent updates.

Cambly is a simple and suitable platform to become proficient in English through tutoring. Just like any other language learning platform, there are some “good points” about Cambly and also some disappointing points. Based on your basic subscription and your linguistic goals, you can choose Cambly. However, as a student, Cambly might not be an affordable learning strategy for English improvement.

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