Cambly vs Engoo

Cambly vs Engoo (2024): Unbiased Comparison!

Did you know English is recognized as an official language in a total of 67 different countries? You might have realized that English is one of the most used languages and many new opportunities will come your way if you can communicate in English.

Determined to learn English and ace at it as soon as possible? In today’s world, there are more than hundreds of ways to learn English while staying at home.

Two of the most popular English learning platforms are Cambly and Engoo. For you to find your best choice, here is a comparative guide on Cambly vs Engoo.

English learning with Cambly and Engoo

Both Cambly and Engoo only focus on teaching English and the curricula are designed like professional learning of English. They focus on grammar, fluency, IELTS and official English.

However, Engoo provides some basic lesson materials on traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages as well, even if they are not well-developed but might be expanded in the future

Learning experiences of Cambly and Engoo

Firstly, let’s go ahead with Cambly which is an impressive platform for any level of english learners. The program based their lessons on linguistic goals, so once the user determines their level and target level, the platform organizes course plans.

English for Beginner, intermediate, Advanced business English and even preparation for IELTS is available on the website. The platform is more effective for adults who start at any level and, as the lessons proceed to difficulty, they can improve their English language acquisition. According to your subscription, you can attend class sessions of 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Engoo provides tutorial services via online by native English speakers. Worldwide, students can do the sessions according to their schedule as time allocation is 24/7 and the teachers are from around the world.

The user can set their preferred times and, once the teacher is selected, the classes are held online where special care is provided for improving fluency in English. The content of teaching is the same, yet the teachers differ which you can choose based on your preferences. Each lesson is at least 25 minutes long and the longest is up to 125 minutes.

Users experience of Cambly and Engoo

Cambly aims to provide users the chance and a safe place to practice speaking skills and work on their fluency. The tutors differ by accent, so if you want a British English accent or Latin American accent, you can choose the tutor according to your goal.

Once you log in, you can go to the “find tutors” page and select your tutor for a virtual call. Then you can start your lessons based on your linguistic goals. You can use the platform in both on your android devices or iOS devices. Cambly lets you decide on the hours of lessons, days, tutor personality and other choices.

Engoo engages the users with their live lessons and provides the users plenty of options to choose from. Starting from timing, to tutor profile, the platform is designed with filters to sort it out. You can easily navigate the simple designed website. The developers included the option of setting the default language in different languages, like Turkish, Spanish and many more. Users from different countries find it convenient to use the website.


Cambly offers the first few free trial classes and once you like the platform, you can select a plan to start your program. The plans differ by the number of days and hours. The timing ranges from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes per day. You can choose the live sessions from 2 days to 5 days a week.

For the minimum plan, you need to pay $52 per month for 5 minutes a day twice a week. The highest plan of 5 days of a week for 60 minutes costs $269 per month on the monthly plan, $242 per month on the quarterly plan, and $202 on the annual plan. When you visit their website, you can find discounts on several deals as well.

Engoo offers a trial class of 25 minutes for free. Then you can purchase a plan. For the lowest number of sessions of 8 classes, you need to pay $38 a month. Besides this, there are 6 and 12 – month plans with the lowest prices of $52.50 monthly and $37.50 monthly. Engoo offers different discounts on different plans, up to 50%. You can choose the package that suits your schedule.

Positives of Cambly and Engoo

Cambly allows you to choose your tutor based on different details, like nationality, teaching experience and more. One of the best features is the option of personalized sessions with your tutor based on your language goals. Along with flexible timing and help from tutors to work on your fluency are the great features of the platform.

For Engoo, the flexibility of time with their 24/7 online tutoring is one of the best features. The short and engaging lessons are ideal for students. The platform also provides a wider range of chosen teachers based on their education and teaching experiences. The contents of the classes are divided based on different categories, from beginner to advanced level and even grammar and pronunciation level lessons which help the learners improve where they lack.

Negatives of Cambly and Engoo

In Cambly, the lack of reviews by students is a great problem when choosing a tutor. As the tutors are not required to include their degree, the quality of effective qualities is not guaranteed. Compared to other English language platforms, Cambly is quite expensive.

Engoo’s premium subscription guarantees experienced tutors, and the rest are not professional tutors, so the quality of lessons is not always adequate. The external materials are not well explained, so you cannot self study with the materials.

My final thoughts

Both Cambly and Engoo disappoint me with their comparative high price of courses. I know live sessions are costlier than generic language acquisition courses, even then, as both platforms do not guarantee professional tutors, I think it is risky to pay such high prices for the classes.

However, both of the platforms have lots of positive reviews from many users around the world and have shared their successful experiences of learning English. So, comparing the pros and cons along with pricing, I think Cambly is a more reliable platform than Engoo. With its more positive reviews by students and their native teachers’ availability, Cambly ensures being a better option to learn to communicate in English.

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