Cambly vs Lingoda

Cambly vs Lingoda (2024): Exclusive Comparison!

Currently, you will find tons of sources to learn a language. However, it might be hard to navigate what suits your style. If you have been searching for effective sites and apps for learning a new language diligently, you might have already come across some of the most recommended platforms, like Duolingo, Cambly, Lingoda and more.

Today, we are here to present you the comparison between two of the most popular language learning sources, Cambly and Lingoda. Read further to help you decide which one you should go for as your suitable language learning source.

Cambly is a private language learning platform where you can get tutored by native English speakers. Lingoda, on the other hand, is an online platform where you can learn languages through one-to-one session or group study along with professional created notes.

Let’s check out this Cambly vs Lingoda comparison.

Which is more suitable – Cambly or Lingoda?

Cambly is more suitable for people who require an immersed language learning method. The platform enables users to video chat with native or fluent English speakers.

Thus, as suggested by the website, children, adults and elderly people can learn English at any time through Cambly by enhancing language skills through conversation.

Lingado’s language lessons are well-structured, and the small group format is specially designed to establish better interactional language lessons. According to the lesson outline and structure of the platform, it is a more suitable option for adults.

Children might need a moderator to navigate through the course materials as self-study of the provided materials is important. On the other hand, adults can reap better results with structured lessons and teaching format for better language improvement.

What languages can you learn?

Cambly is only used for learning English. Be it advanced business English or English for IELTS, you only have the option of studying English using Cambly.

On the other hand, Lingoda offers German, French, and Spanish besides English. For English, you can learn British English from any tutor around the world. So, Lingado certainly wins by providing more options.

Simplicity of using

Cambly is well known for its well – designed outlook. You can easily choose your timings and even review the profiles of the tutors. Based on your judgment, you can fix your routine and smoothly attain all the sessions.

Although Lingado does not offer software – based courses, it is well-structured. You can use it on your desktop, iOS or android device. Both Lingado and Cambly are compatible to use and user-friendly.

The more affordable choice?

In Cambly, you need to pay approximately $39 per month to $336 per month, based on the plan you select. The timing from 15 to 60 minute class session with a private tutor for 2 days to 5 days a week, you can choose the schedule that suits you best.

There are several packages available to choose from, and you can even choose to select monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can get some discount if you pay annually.

Lingado has few plans to choose from as well. Starting from the three-day group session per week, you need to pay around $138 per month. For more classes or individual tutoring, the rate varies. For a 6-month plan, for an individual session requires you to pay about $1,050. You need to pay for the 3-month or 12-month option.

However, if you choose to learn other languages except English and French, the rates vary, so you need to check in with their website to choose your deal.


For those who enjoy learning through the immersion program, Cambly is a big yes for them. The flexible plans allow the learners to cope with the language study materials without losing motivation. The available guided courses are beneficial for language learners of any age.

When it comes to the pros of using Lingado, the list is not short. With more available languages, and flexibility to schedule your time, there is more scope for learning through it. The winning factor is the option of small groups and one-on-one lessons to choose from.

The groups hold a maximum of 5 students, so you can guarantee personalized care along with interactive sessions. Well-trained language professionals ensure the best outcome for learners.


One of the main drawbacks of Cambly is that there is no guarantee that the tutors are professional or qualified instructors. If you are among those who want a proper structured lesson by professionals, Cambly might not suit you. The casual approach to language learning of Cambly might be a big reason to turn it down.

Now that you read the above factors, you realize that Lingado is more expensive than Cambly compared to sessions. Additionally, the package options are not very flexible as there are many more factors to consider.

Concluding words

Depending on commitment and linguistic goals, you can determine whether Cambly or Lingoda is a better option for you. To put it simply, if you are an adult who is looking for a structured and perfect blend of professional language learning, Lingado stands as the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you are limited to a budget and timing, Cambly remains a reliable and practical option. So, think once again and go for the one that seems to meet your needs.

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