Cantonese Tongue Twisters

Top 10 Cantonese Tongue Twisters (2024 Edition)

Cantonese tongue twisters have been shown to improve word pronunciation. These tongue twisters also help to stretch and increase range of motion in your mouth.

Tongue Twisters help you figure out which syllables and phrases you have difficulties understanding. Furthermore, tongue twisters are a great way to improve your speaking skills.

Here is a list of the top Cantonese tongue twisters to try out:

1. 一蚊一斤龜, 七蚊一斤雞,
佢話龜貴過雞, 我話雞貴過龜,

Pronunciation: Yat man yat kan kwai, chat man yat kan kai, kui wa kwai kwai kwo kai, ngo wa kai kwai kwo kwai, kam kau king kwai kwai kwo kai ting hai kai kwai kwo kwai

2. 入實驗室㩒緊急掣

Pronunciation: Yup sutt yeem sutt gum gun gup jai

3. 郵差叔叔送信純熟迅速送出

Pronunciation: Yao chai suk suk sung suen suen suk suen choke sung chut

4. 痴線蜘蛛啲蜘蛛絲黐住枝樹枝

Pronunciation: Chi seen ji ju dee ji ju see chi ju ji shu ji

5. 床腳撞牆角,牆角撞床腳, 你話床腳撞牆角定牆角撞床

Pronunciation: Chong jeuk jong cheung gok, cheung gok jong chong jeuk, neigh wah chong jeuk jong cheung gok ding cheung gok jong chong jeuk

6. 掘柑掘桔掘金桔,掘雞掘骨掘龜骨,掘完雞骨掘金桔,掘完龜骨掘雞骨。

Pronunciation: Gwut Gum Gwut gut gwut gum gut, gwut guy gwut gwut gwut gwai gwut, gwut yuen guy gwut gwut gum gut, gwut yuen gwai gwut gwut guy gwut

7. 一蚊一斤龜,七蚊一斤雞,佢話龜貴過雞,我話雞貴過龜,咁究竟龜貴過雞定係雞貴過龜

Pronunciation: Yat men yat gun gwai, chat men yat gun guy, keui wah gwai gwai gwo guy, ngo wah guy gwai gwo gwai, gum gow ging gwai gwai gwo guy ding high guy gwai gwo gwai

8. 咁究竟龜貴過雞定係雞貴過龜

Pronunciation: Gum gow ging gwai gwai gwo guy ding high guy gwai gwo gwai

9. 我話雞貴過龜

Pronunciation: Ngo wah guy gwai gwo gwai

10. 佢話龜貴過雞

Pronunciation: Keui wah gwai gwai gwo guy

In conclusion, Practicing these tongue twisters will help the Cantonese people who have pronunciation issues or language barrier. So you can practice these easy tongue twisters anytime.

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