Chatterbug Review

Chatterbug Review (2024): Complete Ins and Out!

In the modern world, you don’t need to go to the library or join a physical course program to learn a new language. You can self-learn a language with the help of tons of resources available on the internet. But, a language learning platform ensures a genuine and authentic language learning experience.

Chatterbug is such an online language learning platform that offers you a program to learn a language effectively. It is convenient with its one-to-one tutor sessions and with its well-designed features, it has gained popularity among users.

Latest Chatterbug Review in 2022

Wondering if this could be the ultimate language learning app for you? Read through this Chatterbug review article to find the answer.

Languages available

Chatterbug offers a total of three language courses. The team plans to continue expanding more options. The 3 courses for English speakers are French, German and Spanish. For German natives, it offers Spanish, French and English courses.

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How to get start with Chatterbug

With its straightforward usability and attractive interface, you will not have any problem navigating through Chatterbug. You can simply sign up to create a new account.

Once you log in with your username and password, you can choose your language and take a simple grammar test and Chatterbug will generate a starting level for your studies. You can see your lessons from the dashboard and progress smoothly.

Teaching method of Chatterbug

One of the key features of Chatterbug is the Live lessons offered through which you can improve your speaking skills with a native speaker.

The sessions will allow you to perfect your pronunciation and provide you with feedback to improve more. The lessons found in the dashboard are designed to fit into your schedule after taking your inputs with dates and timing.

Chatterbug will fix you with a tutor for your sessions and the times are flexible. Based on the weekly goal set by you, you can progress in writing and reading skills with the exercise. Both app and web version are accessible and simple to use.


Chatterbug offers four different subscription levels. Based on the number of live lessons, the price increased. The plans are:

  • Lite- $22.52 monthly that includes 1 Live session
  • Casual- $84.46 monthly that includes 4 Live session
  • Serious- $157.65 monthly that includes 8 Live session
  • Ultimate – $450.47 monthly that includes 31 Live session

You can test Chatterbug for free, but after the limited trial gets over, you need to upgrade to pay for the lessons.

Benefits of using Chatterbug

  • Ensures quality speaking proficiency through Live lessons with native speakers
  • There are lots of reading and writing exercises available for progress
  • Simple interface so it is easy to use the website
  • Teaching method is effective

Lackings of Chatterbug

  • Offers only 3 languages
  • Based on the language options and features, the price is higher than contemporary language programs
  • The Live Lessons cannot be held through mobile app

My Final Remarks

Chatterbug is a well-structured and featured language learning platform with its effectiveness of one-on-one tuition with native speakers. But it might not be the right choice if you want to learn other languages.

With the comparatively higher price and limitations, it draws back from the list of the best apps for language learning. However, f you are motivated enough and willing to pay the price, you can use Chatterbug to ace a new language.

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