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Top 30 Chinese News Websites to Read in 2023

Learning a language within a short time requires discipline and constant exposure to the language. What better way to be exposed to the Chinese language rather than reading the newspapers.

However, in this present world, you do need to go to the library or purchase a Chinese newspaper. You can easily improve your reading skills sitting at home. Wondering how? Through news websites.

Here is a list of the top Chinese news websites that you can dig at any time without paying any fee.

1. Ecns

Ecns is a Beijing based news website of China News Service (CNS). They provide the latest news updates, analysis, photos and videos on China’s culture, business, science, society and entertainment.

2. China Digital Times

China Digital Times is also known as (CDT). It is an independent media organization that presents uncensored news from China to the world. This bilingual website is a guide to know all about political discourse, the latest news events and public opinion in Chinese cyberspace.

3. Sina

Sina is originally an English news and information source in China, but it has an accurate Chinese translation as well. Starting from breaking news, to useful information on current events, travel and other aspects of China, you can find the top stories here.

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4. Juwai

Juwai is based mainly in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They cover news on the latest trends, and research information on Chinese buyers and also overseas property. For financial and economic news, most of the public subscribe to their popular monthly newspaper.

5. US-China Perception Monitor

US-China Perception Monitor is one of the most pertinent news websites. It focuses on US-China relations and covers articles on how both countries perceive each other. Like its name, it monitors the relations between powerful countries.

6. Rand 

Rand- China is a Santa Monica, California based news portal that focuses on different essential topics in China. The matters that matter the most are prioritized, such as education, health, national security, laws and the environment. The expert journalists cover topics on China’s military, trade relations and business, specifically with Japan and Taiwan 

7. Times of News China

Times of News China is an online breaking news portal. They cover the latest news on politics, sports, entertainment, travel and more in China. You will find Chinese movie reviews as well.

8. China Military

China Military is a website that releases military news. They cover photos, audio messages, photos and other documentaries on the Chinese military. Along with military events, the website also contains news coverage of any major military news.

9. The China Post

The China Post is one of the most comprehensive news coverage websites in Taiwan. With the articles by seasoned journalists on different topics, the public go back to reading on various aspects of Taiwan and the world.

10. Dazhong Daily

Dazhong Daily is best for those who enjoy authentic and raw national news. This regional newspaper covers all the updates and events in China. The coverage on different national and cultural events of China are impressive with their detailed articles.

11. China Briefing

China Briefing is a news website based in Beijing, China. It features business news and operates to inform the public about legal, and tax issues in China from a more practical perspective.

12. Henan Business Daily

Henan Business Daily is the one of the most read newspapers on business sector. The news cover both local businesses of China and also updates on the international economics. Be it market stocks or small cottage businesses, the online website of the newspaper covers a wide range of news on businesses and commerce.

13. China Daily

China Daily is a national newspaper. Even if it is based in New York City, it strives to present political, social, economic and cultural news of China.


When it comes to staying updated with government news of China, is a dependable source. They offer the latest updates along with information about the history, economics, culture and politics of China.

15. Sohu

Sohu is originally a Chinese Internet company, but their online website contains many information and sections of the latest updates on different topics in China. It was founded in 1996, and is ranked as the 7th most visited site in the world according to the Alexa Internet ranking site.

16. Guangming Daily

Guangming Daily’s official online website, was launched in 1998. It is one of the earliest online news websites in China Currently, it has many divided segments covering different topics of China’s news.

17. XinhuaNet 

XinhuaNet is a news agency. It is the largest and most popular media organization in China. It has correspondents worldwide, and they offer the news of not only China but also the latest updates of world news.

18. Global Times

Global Times is one of the major daily tabloid newspapers under the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship. Their website contains all kinds of news covering incidents and events. Although as it is under political auspices, you might stumble upon some controversial news.

19. Eastday

Eastday is under the People’s Daily. It is a Chinese newspaper, and it is also published in English language. But the news covered in the website is only about China and its different provinces.

20. Youdao

Youdao was founded in 2007, and it is a search engine. It was released by NetEase, a Chinese internet company. Currently, you can search for news on different topics using keywords.

21. Ifeng

Ifeng is a partially state-owned television network. They offer news and informative news in Mandarin. However, they do not have most of the latest news quickly compared to other official news portals.

22. Nanfang Daily

Nanfang Daily is an e-paper containing news of the latest updates on campaigns and political issues in China. Founded in 1949, it is under the ownership of the Chinese Communist Party in the Guangdong provincial committee. It is published only in Chinese, and you will find a wide range of news.

23. Rednet

Rednet is an online news website in Chinese. They cover topics such as travel, entertainment, finance and various other issues. You will also find many unofficial articles by freelance articles suggesting different travelling places in different provinces of China 

24. Shenzhen Daily

Shenzhen Daily is an online news website published in Shenzhen. It was originally published only in English language, as a newspaper, but the online site is published in Chinese as well.

25. China Youth Daily

China Youth Daily is a hardcore website containing authentic news from genuine journalists on China’s social, economic and political issues. A huge number of daily readers use this website as a credible source of daily information about China.

26. CQ News

CQ is an abbreviated form of Congressional Quarterly. The news website is a part of a privately owned publishing company called CQ Roll Call. The company originally publishes reports and journalist essays. The website covers information and news about China 

27. Qingdao News

Qingdao News is one of the credible sources of daily news for the Chinese public. The news website contains the latest news on diverse topics along with photographs and videos for reference. They have different sections designated for different kinds of news.

28. Ta Kung Pao

Ta Kung Pao is a newspaper owned by the state. Currently, the online website of the company is controlled by the Liaison Office. It was founded in 1902 and is widely read by thousands of Chinese readers.

29. Liaoning Daily

Liaoning Daily, is the official newspaper of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. It was first published in 1954. Currently, their official news website contains the latest updates on local news of China 

30. People’s Daily

People’s Daily is the largest newspaper group in China. The online website is the e-paper of the company. It is one of the first official newspapers of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

If you have internet access, you can easily read any of the top listed Chinese news websites and turn these into a great resource for improving your reading skills. I can assure you that you will notice great improvement with just 10 minutes of daily updates from the listed websites.

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