Clapingo Review

Clapingo Review (2024): One-on-One Online Classes!

Are you looking for a unique English language learning platform? Clapingo is a great option where people from all around the world can freely learn and speak among a diverse set of people who belong to different nationalities.

This platform is created with the aim of providing the users a place to practice conversations live with various tutors worldwide. This judgment-free space is a must for many English learners. Want to know more about it? Read this complete Clapingo review which has everything you need to know. 

Available languages

Mainly used for IELTS preparation, this platform provides for only English. 

Learning Method

Clapingo offers one on one video sessions between the users and tutors. Through the subscription, you can also access the session documents which will help the learners make notes, learn vocabulary and more. The quality of the video library is impressive and you can also many features of the app. Through speaking with the new tutors in every session, you can improvise your speaking and listening skills immensely. The platform tutors encourage and help in building confidence among the users. 

User Experience

Clapingo offers great quality video sessions. You can easily navigate through the website for your sessions. After selecting your tutor, you can start with live sessions. Other features are the book button which would help you book sessions with your choice tutor. The Upcoming Sessions tab is a great feature to navigate your future sessions. For most features, the subscription plan has to be chosen wisely. You can also book a tutor multiple times or choose a new tutor for each time.


Clapingo charges $1.20 to book a trial session. If you want to use the platform, you would need to select the subscription plan. The pricing depends on the number of sessions and whether you want more features. 


  • You can learn conversational language skills
  • One to one tutoring and interactive sessions
  • Tutors are highly recommended native speakers or professional communicators
  • You can work separately in places you need to work on or master 
  • The documents of the sessions are on diverse topics 


  • There are less options for an organized curriculum or lesson plan 
  • The lesson structure can be confusing to navigate through 


Clapingo is unique with its model as people can learn to communicate well in english through this platform. The high quality tutors and sessions are hard to find. Not recommended for beginners, but Clapingo is definitely a great option if you want to improve your listening and speaking English skills.

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