Clapingo vs Cambly

Clapingo vs Cambly (2024): Choose the Best One!

As an English learner, you will stumble upon an abundance of learning resources. When there are too many choices, it is hard to resort to the right one. For English language learners, two of many great potential choices are Clapingo and Cambly.

In terms of patterns, structure, exams and more, there are quite some differences between both of the platforms. If you want to choose any of the two options, read this complete guide of Clapingo vs Cambly so that you can easily choose the right one for you. 

Available languages

Both Cambly and Clapingo are platforms for English learners. Be it official English or communicative English, these platforms solely approach to teach English as suitably as possible. 

Learning Method

The learning materials at Cambly are structured and the sessions have a methodology. Based on your requirements, you can choose which lessons you need. The sessions have in-text automatic translations which immensely help to catch up with the lessons. Both tutors and learners can enjoy interactive sessions. You can even re-watch your one-to-one sessions which is a great way to re-learn or revise. 

Clapingo focuses on effective learning through lesson sessions like Cambly. You can choose from 1 to 7 sessions a week, based on your demand or goal. The subscription plan will be set based on your choices. After registering, you need to choose your classes and going through the availability of tutors, you can confirm your plan. The tutors are native English speakers and you can have interactive sessions to work on your communication skills. Clapingo is particularly effective if you are not a beginner learner as you can practice your speaking skills through this platform. 

User Experience

Cambly offers you the chance to schedule your sessions. To ensure consistent and constant progress, the available tutors tone down or gear up the notch based on your learning style. With short 15 minute lessons, the learners have the flexibility to learn and make progress. You can time your lesson sessions upto 2 hours. It offers an assortment of plans to organizations, individuals, and kids. So, it allows a lot of options. You can use it in both iOS and Android. Cambly has a great sense of usability which enhances the user experience. 

Clapingo has an easy interface with simple instructions and minimalistic design. But besides the sessions, it can be hard to navigate the lesson materials. Fortunately, you can use it in multiple devices and there are several options to customize and even set notifications for class reminders. Once you register and select your subscription plan, you do not have to worry about your interactive sessions. 


Cambly is quite generous when it comes to providing the users options. There are several plans. You can choose your sessions between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes per day. Then there are options to choose your number of sessions in a week. For the minimum sessions, you would need to pay $89 per month and on an annual basis, you would get upto 25% discounts. 

Similar to Cambly, the pricing of Clapingo differs based on your plan. For booking a trial class, you need to pay $1.20. Rest of the prices will depend on your plan including your number of classes, session time and more. On average, for a 3 month subscription of 60 classes of 30 minutes, it will cost you $123. 



  • Scheduling lessons with your favorite tutors help to learn effectively 
  • The automatic translation option is impressive for beginner learners
  • Learners can pair up with tutors who share the same native language as yours 


  • Tutors are professionals who are excellent communicators so speaking skills are practiced 
  • One-on-one tutoring is a great feature for all types of learners to learn English effectively



  • It can be quite for beginner students to keep up with the sessions
  • As there are quite a number of choices to make, it can be hard to navigate what tutor to choose and more decisions which can differ the user experience 


  • The curriculum is not well arranged
  • Lesson structure can be hard to navigate even though the interface is easy 


Cambly has been around for a decade and has taken a lot of chances to improve its aspects including the user experience. Clapingo is comparatively new in the market, but it is quite structured and impressive with its goal to teach English effectively. Even though it might look like it is a head-to-head competition, besides the affordability factor, Cambly proves its pros.

Be it structured sessions, quality of tutors or overall interface, Cambly has a greater fanbase. So, I would recommend, if you can afford Cambly then choose it over Clapingo.

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