Clozemaster Review

Clozemaster Review (2024): Better than You Expected?

Once you start looking for ways to learn a language, you will be recommended a ton of language learning apps and websites. Among the popular ones that help users learn their targeted language while adapting to the natural context is Clozemaster.

This language app has a massive database containing words and phrases from many languages.The app has been gaining a great number of users who are enthusiastic about learning a new language.

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Are you interested in checking out Clozemaster as well? Let’s dive into the article on Clozemaster review to have a complete preview of it.

Languages to learn with Clozemaster

Clozemaster offers a wide range of language options. They offer a total of 66 languages, including the most popular languages like Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, and Korean. Other rare languages are also available, like Serbian, Ukrainian, Latin, Afrikaans, Croatian, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Slovak, Icelandic, Welsh, Lojban, Bengali, Lithuanian and Belarusian,

Learning with Clozemaster

Clozemaster has tons of content in many languages. Clozemaster aims to use spaced repetition to ensure that the user can use long-term memory for the content and ace in a language.

Even though the content of Clozemaster may be overwhelming for beginner learners, the content is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners. The massive library contains texts and applicable sentences that fit into context in different languages.

Practice exercises like “fill in the blank” to learn sentences and improve vocabulary. Another important feature of Clozemaster is that it provides audio exercises that allow you to listen and fill in the blanks.

Clozemaster user experience

You will find both web and app versions of Clozemaster. But the features are different. Through the app, you cannot access all the features of Clozemaster but you can get all the main features like fluency fast track, grammar challenges and offline saving of practice contents.

The web version contains all the practice exercises and collections of content, but overall the design is not attractive or appealing to keep the users hooked up. Through the web version, you can custom content with My Collections and arrange your lessons.

Pricing of Clozemaster

Luckily, many features of the Clozemaster app are available for free. For better additional features, you need to purchase the Pro subscription. You will gain features like offline access to content, Cloze-Reading and Cloze-Listening. The pricing for the Pro version varies on the duration of the subscription. You can choose to pay $8 monthly, $60 per year, or $140 for a lifetime subscription.

An attractive offer from Clozemaster is that after you purchase a lifetime subscription plan, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days and receive a full refund. So, no worries about paying for a plan.

Benefits of Clozemaster

  • It has a huge range of vocabulary
  • The phrases are developed with context for natural usage
  • The method of the app improves different language skills like reading, writing and listening

Lackings of Clozemaster

  • Most of the content is for practicing rather than learning
  • Some translations are not accurate
  • Design of the platform and courses are not engaging enough
  • It is tricky for beginners to follow through the lessons

Final Thoughts

Clozemaster is an impressive platform that has an effective program to improve listening and reading skills as well as vocabulary. With a variety of 66 languages and massive contents, Clozemaster and its Pro version offer great useful features. If your goal is to ace your listening and reading skills along with improving your vocabulary, then Clozemaster is definitely worth giving a try.

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