Conversation Starters for Kids

110+ Conversation Starters for Kids (2024 Edition)

As a parent, you might feel like you know your children too well. But as they grow and you are busy in your life, some things are left out and you need to try your best to understand your child as much as possible. But how to do so? Sometimes the daily routine conversations do not seem deep enough to connect with your child.

What if I suggest some conversation starters that will surely interest your child and they will start to warm up to you more and share as much as possible. To gain your child’s interest and trust, try any of the following conversation starters for kids and try to develop a closer bond with your child. 

1. What’s your favorite cereal? Why?

2. Which is your favorite day of the week?

3. If you had a robot for one day, what would you do with it?

4. If you got $1000 to buy something and donate it to charity, what would you buy?

5. What kids are popular in your grade?

6. What’s your favorite game to play?

7. What is your favorite candy?

8. What makes something or someone silly?

9. What would you like me to play with you?

10. What are the qualities that make a good friend?

11. When was the last time you were silly?

12. What’s the best gift that you ever received? 

13. What is the grossest thing you can think of?

14. What do you like the most about your family?

15. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever built?

16. If you were in a parade, who would you like to be?

17. What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen?

18. If you could be any pizza, which one would you be?

19. Do you think you should be paid for specific chores?

20. What’s one thing you forget to do regularly?

21. Tell me about the best and worst parts of your day.

22. What’s your favorite time of day?

23. When did you last say, “I do!”

24. What’s your favorite outfit?

25. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

26. What was the best party you ever went to?

27. What is one thing that you do not want to sell, for any price?

28. What is the best thing that ever happened to you?

29. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

30. What was the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

31. What’s your favorite weather?

32. What’s your favorite story?

33. What would you like to collect?

34. Tell us of a time that you were silly.

35. What is the best surprise you ever had?

36. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? 

37. If you could trade lives for one day with somebody you know, who would it be?

38. What do you enjoy doing with your family?

39. Have you ever lost something you really liked?

40. What do you want to be when you grow up?

41. What do you think is beyond the stars?

42. What is your favorite room in the house? 

43. If you could be any vegetable, what would you be?

44. What do you do if you see someone treated unfairly?

45. What was your favorite thing of the summer?

46. If we allowed you to make up your holiday, how would you celebrate it?

47. What are you thinking about right now?

48. Who is the meanest kid you know? 

49. What’s the coolest thing you have ever seen?

50. What’s the silliest face that you can make?

51. What would you do if you had no TV?

52. What goes into your mind before you fall asleep?

53. What’s your favorite song?

54. What sound annoys you the most?

55. What’s the yuckiest thing you’ve ever smelled?

56. What would you want to buy if money wasn’t an issue?

57. What is something special you want to do for a friend?

58. What is your favorite place in the house?

59. What was your favorite thing of the winter?

60. What superhero would you want to be and why?

61. What is your favorite thing to order at a restaurant?

62. Who is the funniest person you know?

63. What was the best holiday you ever had?

64. How many hugs do you need every day?

65. What is the best gift you have ever given someone?

66. Do you think it’s important to get physical education in school? 

67. What would you to with a million dollars?

68. What are the three main activities you would like to do this summer?

69. What makes you smile?

70. What’s your favorite smell?

71. What color is the happiest color? 

72. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

73. What do you like most about Saturdays?

74. What would you like to do more with your family?

75. What do you do when you’re afraid?

76. How high can you count?

77. What’s your favorite food?

78. What is your favorite thing to do with a friend?

79. What’s the first thing that you remember about mom or dad (or a sibling)?

80. If you could make three wishes, what would they be?

81. What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

82. What would you like to learn to do?

83. What’s something that you don’t like?

84. If you could play any instrument, which would you choose and why?

85. What do you do when people stare at you?

86. What was the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

87. Which superpower is better–being able to fly or be invisible?

88. Where do you like to go in the car?

89. What’s your favorite ice cream?

90. What’s your favorite color?

91. If you could have any animal for a pet which one would you choose?

92. If you could only keep one book which one would you keep?

93. What is your favorite chore to do in the house?

94. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? 

95. If you were a teacher, which rule would you do away with?

96. What do you always look forward to when you prepare for school?

97. Tell me about your favorite movie or TV show.

98. If you were asked to describe yourself using three words–which words would you use?

99. If we were at the grocery store, what would you like to buy?

100. If you could rename yourself, what would you like to be called? 

101. What’s the longest walk you’ve ever taken?

102. Who is the richest person in the world? 

103. Which animal scares you the most?

104. If you could only keep one toy which one would you keep?

105. Describe something silly that happened to someone else.

106. How would you describe yourself to someone who hasn’t met you?

107. What is that thing that you don’t like people sharing with you?

108. Where would you like to travel, and why?

109. What is the best thing someone ever told you or said about you?

110. Name someone you trust. Why?

111. How many animal noises can you make?

112. Which job do you admire most in the world?

The listed conversation starters for kids are great chances of conversational flow which will allow you and your child to bond and share your thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Remember to respond with empathy and enthusiasm to their answers and share some of your experiences to develop mutual love and understanding.

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