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Cudoo Review (2024): Know Before Paying!

Presently, there are many e-learning platforms and one of the most popular and significant is language learning.

Due to globalization, people are more interested in learning a new culture and communicating with diverse people, and learning a new language can help with everything. Cudoo is such an e-learning institution that allows people to improve their language skills. It offers more than 150 languages and over 1200 courses.

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If you are interested in learning a new language and stumbled into Cudoo, you might need to look into this Cudoo review article to find all about it.

Languages to learn in Cudoo

With over 150 languages, Cudoo offers various popular languages such as German and Spanish alongside some rare languages such as Navajo, Alsatian and Jèrriais.

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How to get started with Cudoo

Firstly, you need to sign up for a Cudoo account. Then you need to log in and select a course you want to pursue and proceed to add it to your cart. Once you choose the bundle, you need to purchase the course with a credit or debit card.

Go ahead and then start learning right away after the process. You can set up your pace based on your language goals. Once you are done learning a course, you can apply for the CDP accredited certificate.

Cudoo offers quality courses for which the certificate has value to be used in a resume. Even if there are some negative criticisms on some courses, most of the reviews from the learner’s experience are said to be satisfactory.

Usability of Cudoo

Cudoo did a great job at making their interface fun to use and convenient for students of any age. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

You can start the courses at your own pace and the complexity of the courses increases as you progress. It is easy for most people to use their websites as well.


Cuduu has a plethora of language courses for you to choose from, so the prices vary accordingly. The lowest price is $4.99 and the highest goes up to $240.00. If you are willing to pay for the plans, might as well take the exclusive bundles that are CPD certified. For such packages, the price ranges from $4.99 to $24.99.

Pros of Cudoo

  • Cudoo has gained popularity because of its availability internationally.
  • 100% money-back guarantee option is available if you are not satisfied with the course
  • Flexibility of users as you can set your own pace
  • Tutors are experienced

Cons of Cudoo

  • The content of most of the courses is not engaging enough
  • Course completion certificate does not indicate the course level
  • Previous users criticized the typos in learning materials
  • The quizzes of the courses are not challenging enough

Final remarks

Cudoo is one of the booming language learning platforms. However, its price might not be worth it if you are a fast-paced learner and who manages to merely complete the course without learning genuinely.

In my recommendation, it is a good enough resource if you are willing to select a highly recommended course and pay at your ease, but I would not recommend it due to its lack of individuality in content and standard of learning.

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