Days of the Week in Arabic

Spell and Pronounce Days of the Week in Arabic

In any language, the days of the week are crucial to vocabulary Arabic isn’t any different.

The Arabs, like the rest of the world, have seven days. In Arabic, Friday is the holiday as it is the day of Jummah. People pray at a mosque on Friday. Sunday-Thursday are the working days.

Below is a list of the days of the week in Arabic, along with their pronunciation:

Days in ArabicPronunciationIn English
السبتAs sabtSaturday
الأحدAl ‘ahadSunday
الأثنينA lith naynMonday
الثلاثاءAth thu la tha’Tuesday
الأربعاءAl ar ba a’Wednesday
الخميسAl kha misThursday
الجمعهAl jum ahFriday

In conclusion, السبت : A moment in time. Also the rest الأحد : The one, the first number in counting and the first day of the week الأثنين : The second day of the week الثلاثاء : The third day of the week الأربعاء : The fourth day of the week الخميس : The fifth day of the week الجمعة : It comes from the meeting

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