Days of the Week in German

Spell and Pronounce Days of the Week in German

In German, all days of the week are masculine nouns: der Montag. To express that something happens on a specific day, use the word am before the day: Am Dienstag (on Tuesday).

In Germany, a working week is not usually Monday to Friday for all occupations; nonetheless, practically everyone employed in Germany will receive Sunday off, if not Saturday as well, as well as most public holidays (Feiertage). Employees in Germany are required by law to have two free days every week, whether they are on the weekend or otherwise.

Below is a list of the days of the week in German, along with their pronunciation:

Days in GermanIn English

In conclusion, for people who want to gain knowledge about German days and weeks, the above article will be very helpful for them. The pronunciations are slightly different from common language, but with given English pronunciation, people can easily remember the names of the days.

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