Days of the Week in Portuguese

Spell and Pronounce Days of the Week in Portuguese

In Portuguese, the days of the week have a fascinating backstory. Although old Latin attributed the days of the week to the Moon and pagan gods, Portugal named the days of the week in a different fashion. However, this does not negate the fact that religion plays a significant role in Portuguese society.

Because of the Portuguese strong genetic desire to be unique and distinctive, they developed the practice of referring to the days of the week as a numbered market of fair days, with the exception of the weekends – sábado and domingo.

Let’s learn how to spell and pronounce days of the week in Portuguese.

Days in PortuguesePronunciationIn English
Segunda-feiraSay-goon-dah fay-ee-rahMonday
Terça-feiraTayr-sah fay-ee-rahTuesday
Quarta-feiraKwar-tah fay-ee-rahWednesday
Quinta-feiraKeen-tah fay-ee-rahThursday
Sexta-feiraSay-eesh-tah fay-ee-rahFriday

In conclusion, according to Portuguese tradition, the first day of the week should be dedicated to God, the universe’s creator.

This is particularly noteworthy since it not only demonstrates Portugal’s monotheism, but it also demonstrates the Portuguese fortitude and aptitude for business and trade.

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