Tongue Twisters Help Pronunciation

Do Tongue Twisters Help Pronunciation?

Yes, it is proven that tongue twisters help pronunciation. 

Tongue twisters are a sequence of words or sounds that can have rhyme. These are composed using alliterative, which means the first consonant is repeated. Not only are tongue twisters effective at improving fluency, they are an incredible way to improve pronunciation.

Due to having diction and articulation, tongue twisters form a rhyme, and practicing these can effectively improve pronunciation. It can be considered an exercise for the brain muscles to coordinate the words and improvise the pronunciation of different words and sounds.

Tongue twisters are recommended for children by experts to activate their brain muscles to pronounce words and sounds. So, tongue twisters surely help in improving pronunciation. 

For instance, saying “She sells seashells by the seashore” repeatedly will help the brain differentiate between the different consonants separately. Mastering this one can result in improved pronunciation of the words related to the tongue twisters. So, if someone masters many tongue twisters, then their pronunciation will improve remarkably.

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