Tongue Twisters Help Speech

Do Tongue Twisters Help Speech Delivery?

Tongue twisters help in warming up before speech delivery. However, it does not have a prolonged effect on improving speech delivery. 

Have you ever felt tongue-tied before making a speech or talking in public?

Relax, you are not alone. Your tongue is a muscle, and just like other muscles, you can train them. To help your tongue relax, you can do a warm-up exercise by practicing tongue twisters.

The repeated sounds and fluency while you practice tongue twisters can help your tongue muscles to relax. Stand-up comedians, lecturers, speech givers, and others have recommended tongue twisters as a warm-up exercise.

However, it might not be your ultimate solution if you have stage fright, stammered speech, or any other chronic speech problem. Nevertheless, you can always recite a few quick tongue twisters to help you warm up before giving your speech.

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