Tongue Twisters Help Stuttering

Do Tongue Twisters Help Stuttering?

It is affirmative that through practicing tongue twisters, stuttering can be reduced. Stuttering can be quite inconvenient and bothersome.

If you get frustrated while expressing yourself due to stuttering, then mastering tongue twisters can be one of the most effective techniques to get rid of it. In a study, Neuroscientists found that tongue twisters can help in stimulating and increasing connectivity between different parts of the brain.

How it helps….

Stuttering is a type of speech disability. It can occur or get triggered in different ways for different individuals. For instance, some people stutter only in public, some start stuttering when they feel stressed and for many, they stutter regularly. As a result, tongue twisters are recommended as stuttering therapy techniques for every type of stuttering.

A practical example is practicing saying “The Top Cop Saw a Cop Top” repeatedly until one can say it out fluently. Similarly, other tongue twisters can help the brain to exercise by increasing the connectivity of certain sounds.

MIT psychologists have done studies by observing the improvement in reducing stuttering through mastering tongue twisters. Thus, tongue twisters are an effective exercise for helping with stuttering.

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