Duolingo vs Memrise

Duolingo vs Memrise (2024): Side by Side Comparison!

Duolingo and Memrise are the language learning platforms that have gained international popularity. Be it their extensive language learning content or user-friendly outlook, these two have been at war for a while.

Today, I’ll help you understand which one is better, so you can use it to learn a new language. Let’s get started with Duolingo vs Memrise comparison.

Whose learning techniques are better?

First things first, the language learning techniques presented through the apps are a key aspect to judging whether you can learn to use the app or not.

For Memrise, the repetitive practice exercises and flashcard learning methods are mentioned techniques that have been proved to be beneficial. Using the research from Neuroscientists, Memrise focuses on intensive content for language acquisition. The learners can learn to use the immersive learning method and be able to ace at a language with their commitment and help of the app.

Duolingo has gained its popularity because of the user-friendly method of language learning. It follows exercises on vocabulary built-up and conversational skills. The constant reminders and progress tab of the bird in the app motivates the learners to thrive on learning a language. The variety of quality content on the app allows the users to progress smoothly.

What languages can you learn?

In this category, Duolingo offers a wider range of languages to learn than Memrise. With 36 available language courses and more to come, Duolingo wins over Memrise, which has 26 language courses available for users.

Duolingo vs Memrise: Which one is worth paying?

Both Memrise and Duolingo are commendable at providing free versions. The unpaid versions are developed well enough that the users do not have to resort to buying. But, they also offer premium and pro versions so that those who want more extensive features, they can opt to paying.

For Duolingo, you have to pay approximately $13 monthly and for Memrise, you have to pay about $9 per month. Both fall in the standard cost, so, based on your convenience, you can opt for longer subscription plans. I will add that the free versions are always a good start for both the apps.

In fact, according to my research, these both apps have more users in their free versions. Even if it might seem too good to be true, it is true.

Pros and cons of both?

Duolingo programs are ideal for helping the learner learn to better understanding of sentences and its structure, which can be used to converse and write accurately. Memrise is ideal for memorizing many words and phrases for conversational purposes.

Duolingo offers more courses and yet maintains the quality of the programs almost to a similar standard of different languages. Memrise, on the other hand, has a fluctuating quality in content as it is created by user-created content design.

The robotic pronunciation sounds and sentence framing can be a great advantage to the language learning process in Duolingo. Not only does it annoy the learner, it sometimes creates unauthentic pronunciation. Memrise wins against Duolingo when it comes to the development of listening and speaking skills, as mostly native speakers end up making the content for the courses. The sentences are more natural and can be used in real-life conversations.

The diversified award giving of Duolingo motivates the learners to learn a language regardless of how hectic their lives are. Not only is it a more practical approach, it also ensures that the learner is truly improving at their targeted languages.

Although Memrise does not have a satisfying award system for the learners, it is well-designed to achieve progress But, most beginner learners would enjoy choosing Duolingo over Memrise because of the awarding system.

Both Duolingo and Memrise have repetitive exercises which might seem like a pro of using the apps, but mostly is a con. No one enjoys being stuck doing the same exercises over and over, so both the apps almost force the users to do repetitive tasks. This can be annoying for most users. However, these are beneficial for beginner level learners.

My Conclusion

I have no doubt that both Duolingo and Memrise live up to their consistent popularity. Both are ideal for beginner level language learners, and they offer a wide variety of content for quality progress in language acquisition.

But, I will not hang around to let you choose both. These apps are great, itself, but surely one wins over the other. According to my recommendation, you should opt for Duolingo. It ticks more perks on the list with attractive design, more available languages and advancement of content. But, if you want a complex learning experience in a hand-in-hand program, Memrise is more of a choice for you with a memorization method.

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