English Speaking Countries in Africa

Top 10 English Speaking Countries in Africa [Report 2022]

Demography has a solid influence on the language. As new languages are emerging and spreading through globalization, people are becoming interested in learning new languages. In Africa, there is a wide linguistic variety. It is the second-largest continent.

Through colonialism, the influence of the English language has become a part of Africa’s culture. Here is a list of the top English speaking countries in Africa. 

1. Uganda

Number one on the list is Uganda, with approximately 29 million English speakers. This country achieved its independence in 1962, and English has become the official language since then. However, Luanda is presently the most spoken language as well as the official language.

2. South Africa

Among the 11 official languages of South Africa, English is one of them. About 9.6% of the country’s population speaks English, and it ranks as the second most popular language among the people. 

3. Nigeria

A twist with Nigeria having more than 53% of the population speaking English is that Nigerian English is most used. It is also known as Nigerian Standard English. It is polar because it is used as the language for politics and formal communication. 

4. Kenya

Number four on the list is Kenya, the East African nation. Its official language is English, with over 2.7 million speakers. Due to British colonization, leaving the country comparatively late, the language is instilled in their culture and education for ages. 

5. Zambia

A country with about 18 million inhabitants, Zambia is the fifth country on the list. Their primary local language is Nyanza, and there are several dialects spoken. However, English is the most widely spoken and communication language. 

6. Botswana

It is a landlocked country in the southern area. Among the 2 million population, 2.8% of people speak English. There are about 31 other languages, but English is used for formal business and academic vocabulary. 

7. Zimbabwe

Although only 5% of the population speaks English natively in Zimbabwe, more than half of the total population fluently speaks English. Besides English, most people prefer talking in their main language, called Shona. 

8. Malawi

With 19 million people, Malawi is the eighth country where English is the official language, with about 26% of English speakers. Their national language is Chichewa, but most people can understand English. 

9. Ghana

Situated in the Western part of Africa, Ghana has over 31 million of the total population speaking English as their official language. Although the local people speak 11 other languages, English is used in any formal communication. 

10. Rwanda

Last on the list is Rwanda, which is one of the smallest countries in Africa. English is the third official language with speakers of 0.2% of the population. Kinyarwanda is their first official language, but English is used for formal correspondence. 

The African continent is a vast continent with diverse cultures, sceneries, and languages. If you ever visit these countries, you do not need to be concerned about communicating with them. You can speak English and communicate with most people. So, next time you want to look for a place in Africa, make sure to visit these English-speaking countries in Africa. 

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