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Engoo Review (2024): Your English Private Tutor!

Engoo is one of the fastest growing online English schools in Japan and Philippines.

With over thousands of students all over Japan and Philippines, the platform aims to create an innovative and interactive lessons for students especially age 2 and above to master in English.

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Languages to learn with Engoo

Although Engoo initially started with only English language learning, presently, they offer materials on traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages as well. However, except for English, none of the language courses are developed well enough.

Course structure

Engoo aims to produce effective English speakers and writers, so they provide tutorial services via online by native English speakers.

Engoo provides tutor learning through online classes and because of worldwide reach, 24/7 time allocation is available. According to the schedule of the students, they can set flexible lesson time. English teachers around the world teach in online tutorial services so even if accents differ, the content of teaching is the same.

Students from age 2 and above can apply for the classes in the platform and each of the lessons are about 25 minutes long. The longest lessons range up to 125 minutes long.

Learning experience

Live lessons online are definitely engaging. Engoo provides a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the lessons, materials and even the teachers. The layout is simple and you can navigate the website easily. In the case of selecting the teachers, there are filters available, and the list contains a lot of information.

As it was initially used by fillipo and Japanese users, the developers further added different languages like Spanish, Turkish and many more as the language for using the platform. This feature is convenient for people who are new to the website from all over the world.


The first 25-minute class trial is free but to continue, you need to purchase a subscription plan. With paying $38 monthly at the lowest sessions of 8 classes, you can attain the class lessons and all the external materials are included within the package. Engoo offers many packages with ranges of prices according to how many lessons you choose.

Besides, there are 6 and 12 month plans with the lowest prices of $52.50 monthly and $37.50 monthly. They offer discounts up to 50%, so it is better for you to check out their pricing according to your schedule.

Pros of Engoo

  • Due to its 24/7 online tutoring, the users can learn with great flexibility of time
  • For younger students, the short lessons are quite engaging
  • Wide range of choices for choosing teacher, and you can filter nation, experience and more details
  • Materials are divided based on categories of advanced, beginner levels and even grammar, pronunciation and more types

Cons of Engoo

  • It is quite expensive for online lessons
  • External materials provided by the teachers are not of quality level to self-study
  • Premium teachers have longer experience, rest are not professionals so might require proper evaluation

Final thoughts

You will find a wide variety of English teaching platforms, but Engoo’s online live sessions are a great and innovative way to learn English easily. With its attractive layout, and various materials, you can get started with your lessons right away. However, there is no guarantee that you would show noticeable progress with the sessions.

With unclear testing methods, Engoo might not be recommended comparative to its pricing. It is recommended for children below primary schooling, but if you want advanced English learning, it is better for opting for another contemporary platform for a more structured learning experience.

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