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Fluencia Review (2024): Best for Learning Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn and there are many platforms that offer the best programs for learning Spanish.

Among them, Fluencia is one of the better online Spanish courses you will come across. I tried it out once I read quite a number of reviews of polyglots on learning Spanish using Fluencia.

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Are you interested in knowing more about Fluencia with all its details so that you can make a decision of choose it or not? Here is the complete writing on Fluencia review for you!

Learn Spanish with Fluencia

Fluencia only offers Spanish language courses. If you intend to learn other languages, you will need to look for other platforms.

Course Structure of Fluencia

Once you create your account and login, Fluencia will test you with words and determine if you need a beginner level program. The earliest lessons are quite concise and easy to grasp, so you can rush through them without any difficulty.

Fluencia designed a total of 10 levels, each consisting of about 65-70 bite – sized units. The final units of each level contain a review to revise all the materials covered. I counted that in total there are more than 600 lessons and so, with such extensive materials, they ensure that the pricing is worth it for the users.

Depending on your enthusiasm for learning, the time required to learn changes. Most of the initial lessons can be completed quickly, but as you progress through, you will require motivation to complete the lessons and take tests to ensure your development in Spanish.

Experience using Fluencia

The visual elements of Fluencia are not something that impressive nor are they horrendous. There are plenty of graphics and images to make it enjoyable for users to learn with visuals. If you tried Duolingo and or other such apps, you might find it easier to use Fluencia.

However, Fluencia is more challenging than the other platforms. The images attached to the contents do not make it easier for you to guess the words. You will need to think before answering the questions with images.The game-like design of the platform might not be a positive feature for many users, but it does help beginners enjoy learning Spanish.

Pricing of Fluencia

Fluencia offers free trials which allow you to access the first 15 lessons on the platform. However, you will need to pay for a subscription after your trial. For a monthly subscription, you are required to pay $14.95.

There are 2 other packages of 12 and 24 month options available that cost $95.40 and $166.80 respectively. I would recommend choosing to pay the monthly plan as you might not need to learn for 2 years, instead learning to complete the Spanish course beforehand.

Positives of Fluencia

  • Most of the technical aspects are well explained
  • The contents on the platform are sensitive to social context, which is impressive
  • Short and concise lessons keep you motivated

Negatives of Fluencia

  • Due to bite-sized lessons, the lessons lack in-depth information
  • Outlook design of the platform is inspiring
  • Assessments of the lessons are not developed accurately for tracking the learning progress

My recommendation

When it comes to solo Spanish lessons, I will admit that I was impressed with Fluencia. The program is designed to cover a lot of materials and the exercises become much more challenging as you progress towards a higher level. Once you master the content of most of the lessons, you are bound to become a pro at Spanish.

The recordings available as course materials are created by native Spanish speakers, so you can learn accurate accent and pronunciation. However, with a lack of speaking exercises, you will not be able to check your progress. Even if Fluencia organized a good enough beginner course, you would require a tutor to help you get the hang of it.

Fluencia is indeed a great platform to learn Spanish. But due to its lack of speech recognition and uninspiring study strategy, many might not stick till the end to mastering Spanish with Fluencia. My recommendation is, if you are a beginner, you should look for other platforms which have explained course programs and if you know a little of Spanish, you can give it a go and master Spanish with your handwork in no time.

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