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FluentU Review (2024): You Must Read!

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FluentU is a renowned platform to learn a new language that teaches with movie scenes, quizzes, video lessons and more.


You might have come across the advertisements on FluentU and wondered if this is the ideal resource that will turn out to be the gateway to your language learning journey.

FluentU is a language learning app that contains a variety of videos, authentic audio samples, and flashcards to help users improve their foreign language skills. The contents include transcripts and translation in your required language to help the learners learn new vocabulary and better grasp of the targeted language.

To help you judge whether you should commit to using FluentU , here is the ultimate FluentU  review for you.

Languages aimed at learning by FluentU

Currently, there is content available in 10 different languages. They are: Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German and English You can learn more than one language at the same time from their variety of contents.

Language Learning Process with FluentU

I used the app for a few hours to check whether it was easy to navigate, and I was satisfied with the layout. For an effective language learning experience, the app adopted easy to understand methodology and technology.

The flashcards, audio files and other features are helpful and impressive. The format of the materials is supported on Android, iOS and desktop. You can watch real – time videos and study a language.

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Usability of FluentU

Each piece of content includes a transcript and a translation to help learners follow along and learn new vocabulary. It’s a pretty expensive program though, and it doesn’t include any speaking practice, which is one of the drawbacks of the app. However, the vast library of authentic videos and accompanying practice exercises are enough to keep you exposed to tons of learning materials.

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Pricing of FluentU

You can start using FluentU for free before you try a subscription. The app offers you a 14-day free trial, and you can access the content for free before you decide to pay for the app.

Now, if you pay monthly, the app costs around $30 and the annual subscription costs $240. You can choose between the individual and academic plans.

PROS of FluentU that you should know

  • Video content with subtitles is authentic and recent, so you will find them entertaining.
  • The videos contain useful words and slang, so you can learn like a native speaker.
  • It helps improve listening skills immensely.
  • The wide range of language options is definitely worth the price.
  • All the videos are high in both quality and content.

Cons of FluentU you need to consider:

  • The design is similar to a game-like aspect, so it might be distracting.
  • Available flashcards are not the original content of the app.
  • The videos result in memorization instead of interactive communication in target languages.
  • It might fall in the overpriced category when compared with other helpful language learning apps.

My final words for you

FluentU is truly a great source of quality content through videos. But language learning is so much more than reading flashcards and watching videos. So, unless you already have a grasp of your committed language, you might not reap great rewards and development through the app. However, if it falls under the learning technique for you, you can always test 10 hours of content through the free trial and judge yourself.

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