Top 13 Free Language Learning Websites [Update 2023]

Since broadband Internet became the hot new thing, social networking sites and mobile applications have been bringing the world and its ideas closer to us in most of the hundreds of languages we speak across the world.

The World Wide Web, along with Android and iOS, has now shrunk tiny enough to put in our pockets.

Here is a list of the top free language learning websites:

1. Learn a Language

Learn a Language

Learn a Language is a completely free learning website by Certification Coaching Ltd, a United Kingdom registered company, that owns and operates Saving the World One Language at a Time. It was created to assist individuals in resolving communication barriers and contributing back to the world we dwell in.

Hundreds of free language-learning classes, exercises, and activities are available right here. Join us and have a good time. By using this free website, you will be able to learn

  • Speak with native english speakers about any subject you desire (not just about the weather). Make new acquaintances from all around the world!
  • Read books in their native languages. Expand your knowledge, learn the grammar of the language, and extend your perspectives!
  • Learn something new about a distant country’s culture and traditions. Believe like you’re a part of something bigger!
  • Write to your international acquaintances or do business with individuals from other geographic and cultural boundaries!

2. EdX

edX is one of the best free language learning websites

Create key skills paths with authentic and stack able certifications to develop and strengthen and train every employee in today’s most job-relevant subject areas with the best quality e learning experiences. EdX For Enterprise may help your company reach its full potential.

Furthermore, With salable, quantifiable learning techniques, create skill pathways to overcome talent shortages and accelerate business change.

3. Cambly

Users may gain confidence and proficiency in conversational English by using the Cambly app. There’s something for everyone, including programs for all skill levels covering everything from the fundamentals of small chat to developing well-formed ideas on complicated, current problems.

The best feature of Cambly app is that it provides many curriculum such as Workshop: Practicing Presentations, Basic Conversation Topics, Intermediate Conversation Topics, English Conversation 101. These are some of the best courses they provide.

4. 7ESL

7ESL is a website dedicated to assisting instructors and students of English as a second language all around the world. You’ll discover a wide range of materials here to assist you in your English studies, featuring lectures and recordings on a number of topics.

Another of the finest aspects of our website is that it can be used in a variety of ways. You may learn about certain elements of English, and we’ve seen that many individuals utilize our customized courses to study for tests. That makes us really pleased! You can work through all of our subjects in order to enhance your English. You may also choose a page or a video at random to give yourself a daily lesson—we’re always adding new courses.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides practice activities, video tutorials, and an individualized learning platform, allowing students to study at their own speed both in and out of the classroom.

Mathematics, engineering, computers, history, art history, economics, and other subjects are covered, as well as K-14 and test preparation (SAT, Praxis, LSAT) material. Moreover, researchers place a significant emphasis on skill mastery to assist students build solid foundations so that there is no limit to what they may study afterwards.

6. L-Lingo

L-Lingo is a multimedia software for Arabian, Mandarin , Burmese, Bengali, French, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, or Vietnamese that includes almost 2000 word and phrase combinations in a stimulating and convenient atmosphere. L-Lingo is intended for students who have no or limited prior knowledge of the target language.

The full curriculum consists of 30 classes and is equivalent to 1-2 years of language instruction. The teachings cover the entire spectrum of travel and social life, as well as at home, at profession, mind and body, and in the wilderness

7. SpanishDict

Every year, millions of students use it as their primary source of Spanish language reference and learning resources. In addition, millions of free, high-quality dictionary translations, conjugations for every Spanish word, and real-time comparison of advanced translation engines are among our most popular features.

Moreover, SpanishDict Designers are the creators of the popular Spanish learning websites inglé, and Fluencia, that provide dependable, accurate, and convenient tools for speaking English and Spanish to over 100 million individuals each year.


In a world powered by words, aspires to allow and inspire connection, interaction, knowledge, innovation, and performance. is the most used digital vocabulary in the world. In addition, thousands of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins are available.

The Random House Unexpurgated Definition is’s primary, proprietary source, which is constantly updated by our staff of expert dictionaries and complemented by trustworthy, established sources such as American Heritage and Harper Collins to meet a variety of linguistic demands.

Moreover, also has an interpretation services, a Word of the Day, a crossword generator, and a plethora of editorial material for assets lovers and American English students.


Designers provide cutting-edge German learning resources. With our fun online activities, you may practice vocabulary, utilize the most essential verb combinations in all tenses, and practice all main grammatical subjects.

German language learning and practicing tools are available for free online. All key grammar subjects include online exercises and tables. Interactive trainer for terminology, conjugation, and case familiarization. All the activities and examples have been written by native German speakers.

It’s also a wonderful method to acquire the essential vocabulary and phrases for a trip, or to get insight and practice if you simply enjoy German culture and wish to communicate in the language.

10. The French Experiment

Rocket French is the most well-balanced and well-thought-out of all the language learning websites. The course’s centerpiece is a “interactive audio course,” which works in a similar way to previous audio courses in that it educates through conversations and repetition. The courses in Rocket French, on the other hand, are really engaging and frequently humorous. Every session will take around twenty minutes, enabling you to complete one on the way to and from work.

There’s also a well constructed grammar course (with audio) and resources to practice what you’ve learned in addition to the audio sessions. You may record yourself to get immediate feedback on your pronunciation, which is especially useful for self-teaching. It helps you get complete fluency by improving your listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

11. Studyspanish

Studyspanish was one of the first instructional websites, being launched in 1998. We have given free web-based programs to thousands of Spanish learners and lecturers throughout the years.

Meanwhile, thousands of dedicated students have learned to speak Spanish fluently thanks to our online services and audio conversational training. Furthermore, we don’t have regional limitations because we’re a real 21st-century corporation. Our partnership of professionals and specialists reaches all corners of the world.

12. Talk in French

The majority of websites that claim to teach you French do a decent job of providing you with useful information. However, this would be insufficient. It’s not enough to just give information. But also about the approach.

After years of looking, designers have yet to come across a website that properly combines the two components of content and approach. More specifically, that mysterious joy element that is sorely lacking while learning a new language.

Talk in French aims to rectify this by combining substance, methodology, and a healthy dose of fun. Moreover, it is true that the more fun you have, the better you get at something.  But the more probable you are to keep that habit, the better.

13. The Italian Experiment

If you want to study and comprehend the fundamentals of the Italian language but become bored with long-winded schoolbook presentations, this is the website for you. Ouino Italian could be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s another application (like Rocket Italian) that teaches how Italian works from a grammatical standpoint without overwhelming you with information. Furthermore, Ouino wants to use interactive examples and exercises to demonstrate the language in action, with minimal explanation.

To conclude, there is no doubt that the world is minimizing day by day since the dawn of globalization. Now, we all are acknowledged with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish etc languages and their culture. Even people have to go overseas to achieve knowledge and adventure. So, by using these free apps people will be able to learn various languages they need. These apps will help them in communication with other culture.

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