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10 Best French to English Translator Apps in 2024

Be it for a sudden trip to France or to handle a native French client, you might not have the time to learn French. What to do in this kind of situation? Well, with the help of amazing translator apps, you can easily translate French to English and enjoy the wonders of technology. Instead of spending time on functionalities and word-to-word translations from books, translator apps will become your best companion. 

Check out the listed best French to English translator apps.

1. Google Translate

Google’s translation services must be the most used and renowned way to translate. For free, and getting access if you have internet, are few of its main features. have been around for many years now. With its smart AI, it can easily translate phrases and general vernacular. The easy interface and acceptable accuracy makes it a great choice for French to English translation. You would not need any subscription or login hassle, but it is mostly literal translation instead of real-life like contextual translation.

2.  SayHi

SayHi is a very popular translator app from Amazon. It is relatively an easy and simple translation app where you can paste the French, and you will see the translation. It instantly translates the text and it is an ideal app for travelers as it is free. Although it does not have augmented reality technology in it, you can use it with no registration or sign up. 

3. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator App is similar to service and functionality to the Google free translation app. With its slick interface and user-friendly features, this app is a great option to resort to. It does not just translate French but also many other languages in English. You can download a bunch of translation packs for free beforehand and use it offline when needed. The Phrasebook is an impressive feature with lists of most used words from different topics including health, dining, lodging and more. There is a plus point of translating from speech too. 

4. TextGrabber

Unlike traditional translator apps, the TexGrabber app from Abby has a list of impressive features. It is free for only 3 first trials and then costs $2.28 per month or $33.26 for lifetime use. What makes the money worth is its OCR reader. It means it can scan text from a page and then translate it. Not just for traveling, you can also use this app for professional work or office meetings in French speaking countries. It is highly recommended for business needs and even studying. 

5. iTranslate

iTranslate offers a basic plan for free. But this popular translating app also offers some premium features which costs $5.73 per month for Pro. You can translate from actual texts and screenshots. For the paid version, there is an offline mode, voice conversations features, augmented reality and more. The Phrasebook, similar to some apps, is helpful to navigate even when you do not have access to internet. 

6. Reverso

Reverso is an excellent French to English and vice versa. Its impressive feature is that the translation is mostly based on  real-life contexts and sentences. So you can extract a lot more effective translation. It also helps in understanding product descriptions, official documents and movie subtitles. The app has flashcards and games so that you can have fun while learning. Best part? It is free. 

7.  TripLingo

TripLingo app is a fantastic French to English translator app. It potentially literally translates but it provides a lot of features. The basic version is free. For the upgraded version, you need to purchase the in-app version for $19.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The app consists of tourist information and insights about the country you are visiting so it is quite educational. After you register, you need to set the country you are visiting then the settings would set you towards the required information. 

8.  Photo Translator

Photo Translator App is a reliable translator app for you to read photos, screenshots or PDF documents from French to English. It offers a 3 day free trial and then the premium version costs $3.77 per month. The free version has tons of ads which spoil the user experience, so it is better to purchase for easier use. The user interface is great and you can send translated files easily to mail and more. 

9. Instant Voice Translate

Instant Voice Translate is a free, easy and simple translation app. There are not many features which makes it easy to use with no distractions. Besides French, you can translate words and phrases of about 70 different languages. The interface is clean and you can navigate through it just by clicking on the menu items and translate simply. However, like Google, it does not provide conversational or contextual translation. 

10. Papago

Papago App is also an incredible translating app. Although it is more widely used for Asian languages, it does a good job of translating from French to English. The app’s Mini feature is an attractive one where you can open a small unobtrusive window on your device and use it whilst browsing the net or other apps on your phone. The app is 100% free and does a pretty good job at translating. 

If you have a smartphone, or a smart device, then downloading any of the listed above French to English translator apps, you can enjoy a hassle free vacation and social interaction abroad! 

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