French Today Review

French Today Review (2024): Learn from over 600 Lessons!

Are you an auditory learner? Then in order to learn French, a fantastic option for you could be French Today. This audio based platform offers you content from native speakers that will surely enhance your language skills. But, would it be a good idea to select French Today?

Well, to know if it is for you or not, read this French Today Review (2022) to make sure you are on the right track. 

Available languages

French Today is only for the French language. You will have tons of resources and the content is from French native speakers. 

Learning Method

French Today offers content of culture, pronunciation, grammar, etiquette, and vocabulary to the learners. Filled with audio books covering stories, verb stills, poetry, pronunciation and more, you can learn a lot of language comprehension and knowledge. Besides audio books, French Today offers a language learning blog, pronunciation guide and vocabulary builder. Online tutoring is also offered but the number of teachers is limited. 

User Experience

While listening to the audio books, you can rewind and set up the speed. The quality of the audio is also satisfactory and the contents are by French natives and qualified French teachers. Learners of all levels can use the platform to enhance their comprehension skills. The aim of the app is to introduce modern French and help learners understand common vocabulary and verbs. For building confidence in comprehension, the platform offers audio novels on different topics including cinema, general knowledge, dispute articles and more. There are some exercises in French text after the audio books which are in the form of questions and answers. 


At French Today, you will find audiobooks ranging from $20 to $70. They offer free audiobooks but they are very limited. Based on the bundle you choose, your pricing vastly varies. You can even resort to monthly subscription costs. During Halloween and other holidays, they offer various discounts but you need to catch up on those information through their website. 


  • The recordings are of high quality
  • Dialogues are well-paced 
  • Most of the recordings focus on real life situations
  • Contents use simple vocabulary and grammatical structures 


  • Lack of transcriptions is problematic for learners
  • No translations are there so beginner learners struggle to understand 
  • Q&As are not consistent but similar to workbook without any grading 


For improving listening and speaking skills, French Today is a fantastic resource after structured classes. If you have basic knowledge of the French language, then you should go ahead with French Today to improve your pronunciation, grammar and overall language comprehension skills.

However, through this French Today review, you might have guessed that it can be quite challenging to learn French just through French Today alone as it is truly just a lot of French resources without a structured curriculum.

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