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Top 12 German News Websites to Read in 2023

To level up your game at learning German, you need to keep up with the current events and culture of German – speaking countries.

In the future, when you visit Germany or other foreign German – speaking countries, you will not be intimidated by the culture or way of life if you stay updated with the news.

For exposure to news, the below listed German news websites are the top ones to check out first!

1. Nachrichtenleicht

For language learners, Nachrichtenleicht is a holistic site for simplified knowledge and news. Along with genuine German news, you can enjoy reading articles written in a simple manner. For beginners, the keywords and phrases can be easily comprehended.

2. Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is an online news site that has many slow – spoken news podcasts as well. This site also has a separate section titled “Learn German” for beginner level learners. You will find a lot of informative articles and infographics on the site.

3. Zeit Online

Zeit Online is a news portal where you can find analysis, reviews, news on politics, business and more. The site has an English translation, so you can check whether you understood right if you know English.

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4. Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s major news magazines. You can find it in glossy prints as well as online. The articles are written in complex German, so you might try it out once you already know a lot of words in German. As the site contains a lot of pictures, it will help you to understand the content.

5. Logo

For young German learners, Logo is the perfect news website. With simple vocabulary and plenty of pictures, this website is for children. The news is related to simple fashion and backstories of current events related to children.

6. Deutschland

Deutschland is a news website that offers news on the economics, environment, culture, politics and German life. It follows a modern style, so readers will enjoy reading the news from it.

7. Bild

Published by the Axel-Springer Publishing Company, the Bild newspaper remains one of the largest tabloids in Germany. You can check out the online version of the newspaper through their website, which is updated every day.

8. Der Freitag

Der Freitag is a German weekly newspaper. It is one of the popular ones that publish with Rhenish format. It was established in 1990 and they cover news on different topics including The opinion pieces are interesting and appealing for anyone who enjoys news from different perspectives.

9. Faz

Titled as “Zeitung für Deutschland” (Newspaper for Germany) since 1949, Faz is a newspaper that features liberal understanding along with Conservative political views. High quality news can be read on their online site.

10. Focus Online

For up – to date information and facts in an interesting style, Focus presents a wide range of issues. Since 1993, this Munich-based news magazine has achieved the goal of appealing to its thousands of readers.

11. Heute

Heute translates to “today”. So, as the name suggests, the news media presents news of the latest Germany. For over 50 years, they have been maintaining their excellence at presenting news from all over Germany.

12. Sueddeutsche

Sueddeutsche is a national news media. It features news, articles and information on different aspects of Germany with an independent style of journalism. It maintains a strong stance for the audience to enjoy reading the content.

Even if you hear German news, the best way to take in information and improve your reading skills at the same time is to German news websites. The latest news will spark your interest and enhance your knowledge of several topics. Besides improving your language skills, reading news from the German news websites will surely allow you to bring some quality perspectives into any conversation!

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