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Glossika Review (2024): True AI Language Teacher?

Language learners are always looking for effective ways to learn their target language that are also affordable. Presently, there are tons of options available for you to try out.

One is Glossika which was developed by American linguist Michael Campbell, who aims to use artificial intelligence – based audio method that contains bilingual sentences. It is developed, focusing on intermediate level learners.

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But is it a worthwhile option to try out? Wanna Know? Here I am with a complete article on Glossika review so that you can decide for yourself.

Available languages at Glossika

With Glossika, you can start to speak over 60 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish and many more. You will find some non-generic languages such as Taiwanese, Chinese, Armenian, Belarusian, Bangla and more. You will find some endangered languages as well, like the Uyghur language.

Getting started with Glossika

When I tried Glossika, I found that they use 5 different exercises to engage the language content of the learners. The exercises include diction, typing, choice, filling in and translation. For those who learn better with exercise, for them, it is a great choice. However, some exercises can be extremely repetitive and boring for some learners.

Glossika is not suitable for beginner level learners as it is designed for intermediate level learners. You need to have knowledge of basic grammar rules to learn the lessons at Glossika.

Even if you are not clear about the grammar, having little knowledge can help you as Glossika will provide you with comprehensible grammar notes during lessons. If required, you can listen and repeat for better understanding.

Functions of Glossika

It is quite easy to sign up in Glossika. You can have access to all the languages once you log in, and you will not have to pay to sign up. After filling up the information page, you have to choose your desired language.

Glossika then gives you a placement test and, based on your answers, they will determine your level. Once your placement is complete and your level is decided, you have to choose the topics you are interested in. Then, by clicking the ‘Start Session’ button, you will start the exercise at your level.

In the lessons, you need to hear the language speaker saying a sentence in English, then the speaker proceeds to tell you the translation of the sentence in your targeted language. You can change the source language and even remove it. You can increase or decrease the speed of the audio. In the paid version, you can record your own voice repeating the sentences.

After completing the sessions, you have to rate the level of difficulty of sentences and also provide feedback. The repetitive exercise is useful for memorizing new words and increases your fluency. Similarly, you can continue all the lessons.

Cost of Glossika

With a free seven-day trial, Glossika offers you a great start to trying the app. For purchasing, monthly subscription is $30. If you choose to pay for an entire year altogether, you will receive 2 months of service for free. The cost of the yearly subscription price is $299.88.

For students, there is a premium subscription that costs $13.50 per month with verification of your student status.

Pros of Glossika

  • People with busy schedules will find it convenient to use Glossika to learn language using the hearing method
  • The audio materials are interesting with trendy and knowledgeable topics to keep the learners hooked up
  • Glossika’s listening materials are suitable for learning both formal and informal language
  • You can use both mobile phone and desktop version

Cons of Glossika

  • The exercises are not suitable for beginners.
  • Some sentences are translated incorrectly, so you need to check through other sources as well
  • As there is only 1 type of resource available without any explained lessons, price falls in the expensive category
  • There is no explanation of the mistakes or grammar lessons

Is Glossika the right choice?

From my review on Glossika, you might have got the idea that Glossika is indeed useful, but it has its own limitations. While I was using it, even with the wide range of languages, I found the aspect of wrong translation quite disappointing. They can refine their materials and add a few more features to make the price worthwhile.

Gradually, I think Glossika has great potential to improve the quality of language learning with its approach. I would suggest looking for other options with equivalent pricing for now and maybe once you are at a higher level of your language learning, you can practice with Glossika to ace at a language.

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