Gritty Spanish Review

Gritty Spanish Review (2024): Learn Spanish from the Native!

Are you interested in learning Spanish? Whether you want to learn to interact with people or to become a polyglot, currently there are many platforms available for you to learn Spanish. But you do not like reading textbooks and boring grammar lessons?

Well, this is where Gritty Spanish comes in. Gritty Spanish offers a learning program where you can learn real-life like Spanish which is uncut and unfiltered. Starting from using slang to connect with the locals, you can learn it all here. Hooked over already? Read this complete guide of Gritty Spanish review to know it all! 

Available languages

Gritty Spanish only offers Spanish language. 

Learning Method

Gritty Spanish focuses on the reading and listening part of language. Through a series of audios and PDFs, you can learn how to interact like a native Spanish speaker. The program focuses on the “gritty” part of language, where you hear the informal language used in subway trains, while quarreling in street fights and more. The dialogues contain Spanish curse words. The platform approaches the learners through its immersive pattern. Unlike any other language learning program, you can learn how Spanish native interact, express their disgust, outrage and converse in reality. 

User Experience

Because of the amazing features like transcription files, audible audios, English/ Spanish transcriptions and other notable features, this platform did an incredible job for greater user satisfaction. Common expressions and slangs used in Spanish speaking countries are highlighted which allows the learners to pick up accents, local language and comprehension skills. You can control the speed of the videos and the quality of audio is also good. You can use the app in both Android and iOS. Lastly, for greater learner experience, the platform provides some small quizzes after the audios to measure how well you understand the lessons. 


Gritty Spanish offers different packages. Depending on your selected level and content, you can purchase a plan. For an individual course, the price ranges from $29.99 to $49.99 USD. The courses offer packs and you can buy a bundle. The price ranges of the packs start from  $54.99 to $129.99 USD. You can check out their website, as during different seasons, they offer discounts on different packs. 

Benefits include:

  • Audio conversations are based on real-life daily conversations 
  • Content is by Spanish native speakers
  • Transcription is available in file format to comprehend despite accents
  • Proper exposure to improve listening and reading comprehension skills

Lackings include:

  • It is not a suitable app for learning grammar 
  • Lack of grammar and vocabulary explanations 
  • The app is mainly a source for listening, not for speaking practice
  • For beginners, it is not a recommended platform with its lack of structure and grammar lessons 


Gritty Spanish offers a refreshing learning experience without any boring list of grammar lessons and lengthy exercises. For those who want to communicate with or like a native Spanish speaker, this platform offers a unique opportunity unlike any other. It might not sit well with those who are looking for a more formal Spanish proficiency language learning experience. So, it is your call if you want to resort to Gritty Spanish for your learning goal and target. Through this Gritty Spanish review, you can judge by yourself.

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