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HelloTalk Review (2024): Learn to Talk Like Native!

For most people, the main purpose of learning a language is to communicate like a native speaker.

For it, you need to practice a language with native speakers and one of the popular platforms to do so is HelloTalk. It is a language exchange app, and you might be able to use it to unraveling your full potential of speaking like a native.

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However, you need to judge whether it is worth it or not. So, here is a HelloTalk review as your ultimate guide.

Languages supported by HelloTalk

HelloTalk currently has over 150 languages available for users, including Arabic, French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese and more. All you need is to make your profile and choose your targeted language and start learning at once.

Using features of HelloTalk

HelloTalk app is quite generic with a simple and attractive design. The attractive features are similar to a social media app with voice chat, messaging, voice recognition, camera share, doodle and a one-click translation service.

You do not have to download an additional app for translation, the app itself is an intuitive app with a guide for learners. However, as there are no language lessons available on the platform, the users have to begin learning by themselves and progress.

The app is designed as a means of language exchange between learners and native speakers. The platform provides you with a range of different features and tools to make full use of the app. For interaction, there is a chatting option and for calls, “Moments.” is the tab where you are given a number of options. Furthermore, there is an “AI Grammar” tool that suggests grammar corrections and these are self-explanatory.

Learning methods at HelloTalk

To start your learning in HelloTalk, you need to click on the Learning tab. You will find three different means to improve your target language and the sections created by the HelloTalk team rely on the practice of the users.

You can learn vocabulary with a game based exercise, you can improve your listening skills with HelloTalk’s instructional podcast series. Lastly, the best and main feature of the app is the one-on-one online classes with native speakers.

Pricing for HelloTalk

HelloTalk has a freemium model for users but it is ad-supported. Besides the free version, HelloTalk has a premium model that needs VIP membership. With the paid subscription, you can get rid of all the advertisements and use the platform smoothly. It costs $6.99 per month, or $45.99 per year. For a lifetime membership, you need to pay $175.

The VIP membership has plenty of advantages, including unlimited translation tools, virtual stickers for interaction and many more.

Advantages of using HelloTalk

  • The free-form interactions help you interact better with people
  • Provides accurate matches to fluent speakers according to language learners level
  • Plenty of privacy settings for better user experience

Disadvantages of using HelloTalk

  • There is no structured learning content, so it might be confusing to use
  • Not a suitable choice for beginner language learner
  • The usability of the platform depends on the user’s engagement only

Final say on HelloTalk

Among many popular language exchange platforms, surely HelloTalk is a promising platform with its growing community of thousands of active users. You will enjoy learning with the platform only when you are at the intermediate or advanced level, as you need to already be ready to speak and interact using the targeted language. It is more like a language practice platform than a learning one.

As it is free, you can surely give it a go or check their official website to dig in more, but I would suggest doing so if you take it as a supplement rather than the main source of a language learning program.

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