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HiNative Review (2024): Become a Native Speaker!

If you know how to talk and interact with native speakers smoothly, then that is where you can successfully claim that you know how to speak a new language.

Communication is truly the key. For you to reach that level, you need to practice conversing with native speakers. HiNative is such a platform that will help you to do so and even get feedback from native speakers.

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To check whether you need to resort to HiNative or not, you need to know all about it. So, here I am with an honest HiNative review for you!

HiNative language learning

Currently, there are about 113 languages available on the HiNative platform from 170 countries. Along with the generic ones, you will find some less generic languages as well, like Hebrew, Latin, Swahili and more.

HiNative usability

You can use HiNative in both web and mobile apps. It follows a design similar to any Q&A app between language learners and native speakers. You can learn language through communication along with correcting your pronunciation and improving fluency.

The app is built only for quick translations, assistance with the basics of your targeted language and includes cultural questions. You will not have to read through lengthy explanations, rather the concise answers will help you comprehend the issues better.

HiNative offers plenty of features and provides resources to help you master a language. You can post your queries and get those answered quickly with suitable context. There are pre-determined templates of questions to help you frame your queries accurately. There is also a search feature if you are looking for a question that might have already been answered. Through these answers, you can ensure your progress at acing in a language.

Features of HiNative

As a Q&A app, HiNative emphasizes the importance of featuring a question generator. When you sign up, you will be asked a series of questions about your target language and goals. They will ask about the context in which you intend to use your target language.

For instance, direct conversations or formal communication or any other options. Based on your answers, you will find detailed information and questions regarding your language improvement.

Once you are successful at registering an account, you can craft questions related to translations, native speaking tips, grammar, pronunciation and more. If you purchase a Premium user account, you will find many templates of questions to help you improve your language acquisition.

HiNative Pricing

HiNative offers you two types of options. One is the free version and the other one is the paid one where you need to pay $5.68 per month. The premium version is loaded with additional features like allowing you to record and listen to audio or video. You can remove ads with it and even get options for templates to ask questions.

Likable facts about HiNative

  • The interface is simple and straightforward, so users can take full advantage of using the platform
  • Provides quick answers from real language experts for perfecting your language acquisition
  • Plenty of motivation is provided by fellow learners that helps in continuing the process

Disliking aspects of HiNative

  • Often, missed connections with native speakers
  • Inconvenience while using due to lack of moderation in posts
  • For free users, translations are limited

Final Verdict

HiNative adapts a new approach to traditional language learning. Once you are at a level to understand your struggles, HiNative can help you boost your confidence and clear your confusions. Although there is room for improvement on the app, it surely has useful features, especially for independent learners who have different queries and are looking for feedback.

As for the Premium version, I do not recommend it as it does not add substantial value to your experience. Even if the price is not much, it seems worthless, but if you want to know more nitpick questions related to the target language, you can give it a try.

I would suggest using HiNative if you already have a good enough grasp of your targeted language. It is an amazing supplementary learning tool, but it is not a standalone language learning app.

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