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Top 25 Hindi News Websites to Read in 2023

According to a study, reading the news is one of the most effective ways to boost your comprehension of a language.

No matter how daunting it may seem, you can start with reading the headlines and then move on to improve your reading skills by reading the entire article.

In case you want to try and take the challenge to improve your Hindi reading skills, here is the list of the Hindi news websites for you to search for.

1.  Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak Noida is an Uttar Pradesh based news website and channel in India. With their excellent journalism, they remained India’s undisputed number one news channel. Since its launch, they have provided news updates on different aspects, like politics, business, cinema, sports and more.

2. Navbharat Times

Navbharat Times is also an Uttar Pradesh based news channel. They provide an authentic news portal in India, bringing national and international news to the people. On the website, the news headlines of the top stories are updated every hour, so on different topics, people can stay up to date with the news.

3. Oneindia Hindi

Oneindia Hindi is one of the best online news portals in Bangalore, India. You can read the news of the world, business, sports, and politics in Hindi. They cover current affairs, and you can stay updated with the latest news in Hindi.

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4. Live Hindustan

Live Hindustan ensures to deliver the latest news and updated information on different topics. On the website, you can go through the top stories about lifestyle, business, entertainment and local news of New Delhi, India.

5. ABP News

ABP News is titled as one of the leading Hindi news channels in India. Their website covers topics in different fields, from crime, business to sports. The specialized shows and segments of the channel are also available on their website along with entertainment bullets.

6. The Better India

The Better India is the largest media platform in India. With their uplifting stories in Hindi, their journalism creates a strong social impact. You can stay updated on different burning issues and read full reports on them.

7. Zee News

Another notable news website based in Uttar Pradesh, India is Zee News. In Hindi, they bring the latest news, top stories and breaking news from all of India. Be it business, technology or entertainment, they provide updates on many topics.

8. Headlines of Today

Headlines of Today is a digital news company. On their website, you can find news on the latest trends, entertainment, autos, education and even world news. The breaking news, headlines, reports, and articles are in Hindi.

9. CIN Central India News

Central India News (CIN) is Chhattisgarh’s leading digital online news media website. They promote delivering authentic and relevant stories in a fearless manner to the community. News on the website is supported by authentic checked sources, so you can read their articles without hesitation.

10. Digpu Hindi News

Digpu Hindi News is called one of the best news networks in New Delhi, India. Their motto is to free the voice with a critical edge to provide authentic news. You can read the latest updates on several topics without worrying about reading misleading news from around the world.

11. Doon Horizon

Doon Horizon was initially a bilingual weekly newspaper in Uttarakhand, India. Presently, it has gone through some great changes and has crusaded to provide committed, constructive journalism. On the website, you can read articles in Hindi that are created based on facts and are decorated with opinions for the readers.

12. Naya India

Naya India is an online news website with a refreshing approach. Hindi journalism on their website is based on facts and the stories are unique. With their frank analysis, they provide unabashed news on politics, academics and more.

13. Vritaant

Vritaant is an online news website in Hindi owned by Vritaant Media Network. They provide the best quality of content and the latest updates on various issues. The articles are written by well – known journalists, authors and editors.

14. News India Live

Based in Lucknow, India, News India Live is a trustworthy news portal. The website contains all the latest updated news in Hindi and you can get your dose of information on India’s breaking news.

15. The Latest News of India

The Latest News of India covers a variety of news topics. The website contains news of technology, entertainment, headlines and breaking news of India. It is a news portal headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

16. Lucknow express

Lucknow Express is one of the leading Hindi news portals in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Every day their significant news reaches millions of Indians and people stay updated with the news of India’s sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle.

17. The Janmat

The Janmat is committed to publishing news for the public interest while prioritizing the democratic news of India. Their articles contain commentary and analysis, and their aim is to provide information in Hindi on national and international issues. They follow the old-fashioned reporting style to ensure authentic growth of genuine resources.

18. Career Bhaskar

Career Bhaskar is a news website in Hindi to shed light on the government schemes and financial news of India. Along with these, the website contains business news, government jobs and other useful information.

19. Vindhya Bhaskar

Vindhya Bhaskar is dedicated to showcasing authentic news. This website, based in Madhya Pradesh, India, focuses on real world news with reliable sources for the audience to extract information from their articles.

20. Khulasaa.in

Khulasaa.in is an online news website that covers a variety of news of India and international issues. The website is updated with top stories of finance, business, Bollywood updates and more. They upload live news videos for view as well.

21. Kolkata Hindi News

Kolkata Hindi News is a Hindi news website which is the leading news portal in Bengal. They cover the local updates of Kolkata along with daily news of literature, policies, business, agriculture, health and fashion.

22. Vishvas News

Vishvas News is an Indian daily newspaper in Hindi language. Their online portal contains articles on viral news, sports, business, people, celebrities, entertainment and many more issues with photos for visuals.

23. NewsBook India

NewsBook India is a notable news portal of India that includes news of current affairs. The website has different sections for politics, entertainment, business, sports and more. The headlines are created with simple Hindi language for easy comprehension.

24. Jai Anndata

Jai Anndata is rated as the fastest Hindi news portal in Madhya Pradesh, India. This leading online news portal covers the latest news in national news, sports news, lifestyle updates, health tips and more. You can share your views in their comment section and read different perspectives in Hindi.

25. Deoria News

Deoria News is a professional news platform. Their articles are interesting with their content and exclusive insights and opinions by the authors and journalists. They publish international news in Hindi.

Knowing the news of India will help you think critically about the language and culture of the country. You will catch phrases of the news to use in your daily life as well, once you become pro at reading updated news from the listed Hindi news websites. You will notice the positive effects in your natural conversations.

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