Improve English Speaking Skills

15 Solid Ways to Improve English Speaking Skills (Update 2024)

Speaking is one of the crucial elements of mastering a language. However, unlike writing and listening, our mind finds it quite difficult to articulate our emotions and feelings using another language.

If English is not your first language, you may have difficulty speaking fluently because it takes time for your brain to form words and sentences. So, I have brought you a list of effective ways to improve English speaking skills within six months of practice.

1. Start expanding your vocabulary

It can be annoying when you think of a feeling or want to address a thing like food, a book, or something else, and you cannot remember the right word for it. Lastly, you end up feeling frustrated and choose not to say anything.

To avoid such instances, try to learn more and more words in English. You can start by making a list of the most useful words in daily conversation and memorize them regularly. In this way, you can remember more words and associate them while talking.

2. Try improving your pronunciation

English is a fun language for those who use words in a witty manner. Words like a knife are pronounced as “nif.” Similarly, you will find many words that have different pronunciations, unlike their spelling. So, you need to start practicing pronunciation using Google or any other sources. This method is beneficial for increasing your fluency. In addition, you can try out tongue twisters to on a regular basis to reduce stuttering.

3. Watch English movies and videos

This is one of the most effective ways to perceive a language. If you watch English movies, you will be able to pick up different accents, use phrases, and your pronunciation will also get better because your brain is forming new connections between words.

You can select any genre you like, then watch as much as you enjoy but focus on the language. You may start by watching with subtitles, but try to watch without subtitles as that will help you perceive the words more carefully.

4. Listen to English songs

Are you a fan of Beyoncé or any other English singer? They might be of great help to improve your English-speaking skills. You do not have to make sense of every word. Instead, go with the flow and let your mind enjoy the rhythm and sounds of language. Songs can help you improve pronunciation as well.

5. Focus on learning through natural flow

English language learning is not rocket science with theorems and postulates. You can improve your English speaking through connecting and linking sounds to get fluent. When listening to a song or hearing someone talk in English, try to pick up the rhythm and stress of each word in sentences. This helps your brain to get used to the language. So, focus on learning the natural flow of the language instead of pondering on rules and regulations.

6. Try to build your English-speaking confidence

The key to success in any language is when you confidently speak. You might be struggling with understanding and talking in English. However, if you feel scared of speaking because you are afraid of being mocked or scared of making mistakes, you will not improve.

So, you need to build confidence to speak in English. You can do that by avoiding the fear of speaking in front of others. I am sure others will appreciate your effort, so build your confidence.

7. Start conversations

Now, after building your confidence, you need to start conversations. You can start with a hello. Then proceed to talk about light issues. In many cases, if you feel comfortable, you can tell them that you are working on improving your English speaking. This helps others to understand your struggle, and they will help you to speak.

8. Practice shadow talking

What happens when you do not have anyone to talk to? Well, I have a solution for you called the shadow talking method. In this method, you can watch a video with subtitles and imitate them. You can pause after every line, then mimic how they talked. You can practice it by yourself, and you will notice that you are also improving your speaking.

9. Encourage self-talk

Don’t we all talk to ourselves? You can start to build up phrases in your mind, just like when you have thoughts. You can use encouraging statements like “You can do this,” “Have a good day,” and any other ideas and talk to yourself. It might feel awkward at first, but you can improve your spoken English as you practice self-talk.

10. Retell a story

What is your favorite fairy tale? You can recite the story by retelling the story in English. This method works like translation or rephrasing. Even if you retell another person’s story, your brain connects different words in English and recreates the story in your mind.

11. Visit and interact in language cafés

You might be startled by the number of people keen to improve their English language skills. Presently, different language cafés are available and open for people of all nationalities. You can look for a group or a person to start a conversation, and you will notice that communicating with those who struggle with English can help both of you improve.

12. Use different language apps

You can download any language learning app and get available speaking lessons. Duolingo, HelloTalk, and many other apps have a feature viable to chat and communicate with other English learners. This is one of the best ways to learn not only to speak English but also to make new friends around the world.

13. Chat with Siri or Google Assistant

You might be one of those people who feel uncomfortable talking to strangers. Don’t worry; I have another option for you. You can simply talk to Siri or another talking machine. You can start speaking random lines, and the present technology in Siri will be able to hold on to conversations. So, take advantage of the latest technology.

14. Immerse yourself in an English environment

The best technique is to immerse yourself in English surroundings. You can visit a place where native English speakers will surround you. Even if you do not talk to them yourself, you can observe how they speak. This is more effective if you have conversations with English natives. Moreover, you can start talking about culture, lifestyle, and more by conversing with others.

15. Practice regularly

One method that never fails is vigorous practice. Be true to yourself and put yourself to speak as much English as possible.  You can have fun in the process once you practice your speaking skills and notice your evident improvement. So, none of the above ways will be of help if you do not practice every day.

Language learning is one of the most effective ways to keep your brain active and healthy. In order to ace the English language, you need to improve your spoken English. Therefore, I have compiled the most actionable and effective strategies to improve your speaking skills like a native speaker. 

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