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12 Epic Ways to Improve English Vocabulary (Update 2024)

To comprehend any language, the words of the language are the building blocks. You can gradually work on your grammar, fluency, and pronunciation through different processes, but you need to improve your vocabulary before doing other steps.

However, it is not practical to memorize a list of words and keep forgetting them. So, this article brings you a list of easy ways for you to improve English vocabulary.

1. Develop the habit of reading

It is a universal fact that reading makes us intelligent. However, you do not have to read only fiction or novels forcefully. You can literally read anything. Reading aloud in English is adequate. For instance, signboards, newspapers, magazines, blogs, pamphlets, etc. Try developing your habit of reading, and you can practically learn more words.

2. Start using a dictionary

Like children in primary school who have to learn new words using their dictionaries, you can enrich your vocabulary with a dictionary. Choose any verified English dictionary and start looking up random words. You can regularly memorize five words and so on.

3. Look up words in the thesaurus

Thesaurus is a great site to look for synonyms and antonyms. You can memorize one word and use a thesaurus to know more. This will help you to connect meanings and enrich your vocabulary.

4. Learn new words by playing word games

One of the most fun ways to learn new words is through playing games. You can get board games like Scrabble and other epic games to play with your friends and family and improve your English vocabulary.  You can also play it on your smartphone or any other device. Word game apps like Crosswords, Scrabble 2.0, and more exciting games help you learn new words.

5. Start journaling

Journaling as a habit can help you navigate your thoughts and work as a meditation practice. Moreover, it is a great exercise for learning new words. Write in English, and you will often realize that some feelings cannot be explained with plain daily use of words.

Instead, you can keep a journal and start looking up words to describe your emotions. This way, you can learn more words and keep a visible record of using them in your daily life.

6. Practice the Mnemonics method

It is used to correlate words by memorizing through mind tricks. For example, OUGHT: Only unique goats have this. This way, you can create your own pathways in mind to remember a word. This is an exciting way to improve your English vocabulary, and your brain will also exercise due to correlation.

7. Include your practiced words in the regular conversation

The best way to remember new words is to use them frequently. You can memorize 2 or 3 words and try to incorporate those words into your daily conversations. Following this method, you can use the words as frequently as possible and develop your English vocabulary within weeks.

8. Visualize the words for better understanding

Our brains are weird at remembering information related to our senses. So, when you memorize a word, try to visualize it and connect an image to the word. For example, in English, you learn a new word, “pumpkin,” look up photos on Google or visualize from your memory of a pumpkin. Similarly, associate an image with the words for easy remembering.

9. Take vocabulary quizzes

You can test yourself and see how much you remember the words you remember. You can create self-tests or even search for online vocabulary tests to examine your vocabulary. This is especially helpful if you are one of those who remembers to correct their mistakes. You can also know which words you have a good grip on through taking quizzes and tests.

10. Do a course

Presently, plenty of online courses are available for English writing, listening, and speaking. You can take writing courses that teach tricks and ways to remember and use more words and phrases. This can also help you to enhance your sentence building using the words you learned.

11. Ask others for feedback

Self-motivation can be exhausting at times. If you feel like you are not progressing, you can ask for feedback from any other person who is good at English. It could be your friends, teachers, colleagues, family, or others.

Ask them to assist your practice or help you improve your English vocabulary. You can ask them to take oral tests or even practice conversations to give your vocabulary learning process feedback. You can correct your mistakes and improve your methods of improving vocabulary.

12. Practice regularly

It is not practical to memorize 100 words at a single time. You can break down your vocabulary list and practice 2 or 3 words daily; this way, you can learn up to 27 words in a week. You can use flashcards, apps, or writing methods to memorize words and ponder each term throughout the day.

This is more effective than blindly memorizing words without remembering or understanding them. Any person can never know all the words of a language; it is better to practice the ones that you will be able to use in your life. So, practice is the key.

To become proficient in the English language, the significance of vocabulary is immense. You cannot avoid memorizing and using words. However, you can learn and use as many words as possible to comprehend the English language thoroughly. So, I hope you can adapt to the mentioned epic ways to improve your English vocabulary and notice progress. 

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