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Top 10 Indonesian News Websites in 2023

Due to the boom of media conglomeration, Indonesia is one of the top countries with major media groups.

Here, news for you is that you can take advantage of this development of the media to improve your reading skills in Indonesia. The online sites contain the latest news which can help you increase your knowledge and reading skills.

Below is the list of the top Indonesian news websites for you to check out! 

1. Kompas

Kompas is an Indonesian national newspaper, founded in 1965. It literally translates into Compass. The paper’s head office is situated in Kompas Multimedia Towers, Central Jakarta. It is estimated to circulate to over 500,000 people every day. Kompas is associated with Kompas Gramedia Group.

2. Detikcom

Detikcom is an Indonesian online news site. It is considered one of the pioneer ones and is the most accessed one till to this day. It covers all kinds of news, starting from business, entertainment, tech, travel and more. Due to their diverse trustworthy news, people look forward to their news content.

3. Tirto.ID

Tirto.ID is one of the best news websites for in-depth reporting. With infographics, articles, news pieces, and opinion, this news outlet has gained attention from many readers around Indonesia. Founded by Atmaji Sapto Anggoro, the name of the website is after the national hero of the press, Tirto Adhi Soerjo.

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4. Tribun Network

In the 1980s, Tribun Network was established as one of the pioneer newspaper papers in Indonesia. Currently, there are 22 local newspapers under the group network, and it circulated in over 24 cities. is the online news website of the printed newspaper of the network.

5. Kontan

Indonesia’s financial and business regular publication is the popularly read, Kontan. It is owned by Kompas Gramedia. Interestingly, Kontan literally translates to Cash. It was initially a weekly newspaper. Currently, there are two publications, one weekly and daily newspaper. In 2007, Kontan introduced their e-paper,

6. Republika

Well known as a publication for the Muslim community, Republika is a national daily newspaper of Indonesia. Established in 1992, this newspaper was under the support of the Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia (ICMI). Presently, it is owned majorly by Mahaka Media.

7. BeritaSatu

BeritaSatu is the digital free to air news channel in Indonesia. The name BeritaSatu translates as NewsOne. It is the very first pay television channel in Indonesia. The channel of the company has a huge news network and is owned by BeritaSatu Media Holdings.

8. Inilah

Indonesia’s Inilah is an online news portal that dominates one of the top 5 news sites in Indonesia. They cover a wide range of topics, from history, daily news, local news and more. This e-newspaper has 10 news channels under it.

9. Bisnis Indonesia

Published in Jakarta, Bisnis Indonesia is a daily newspaper on business news of Indonesia. It was established by three well – known conglomerate businessmen in Indonesia. In 1985, the first edition was published. Presently, it covers the business news and financial issues of Indonesia and the world.

10. Jawa Pos

Jawa Pos is an award-winning national daily newspaper of Indonesia. It translates to The Java Post. It was launched in 1949. Presently, it is under the parent company, “Jawa Pos Group”. It remains one of the oldest Indonesian newspapers.

The listed Indonesian news websites are ubiquitous news sites that will cater to your need for improvement of Indonesian reading skills as well as engage you with the latest news. So don’t forget to take advantage of this wonderful world of online news media.

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