Irish Tongue Twisters

10 Irish Tongue Twisters to Try Out in 2022

Irish tongue twisters are a great way to get your students interested in learning a new language while having a good time with their pals!

They’re useful tools for learning pronunciations and improving spoken language fluency. They can assist improve accents and speaking accuracy by employing alliteration and repetition.

Here is the list of the top Irish tongue twisters to try out:

1. Ná bac le mac an bhacaigh is ní bhacfaidh mac an bhacaigh leat!

2. Bhi an bhean bheag bhocht bhreoite bruite leis an bfuacht.

3. Go mbéadh seacht shliocht ag sliocht do shleachta.

4. Seacht sicín ina seasamh sa sneachta lá seaca.

5. Fear feargach ag faire na farraige fuaire.

6. Chuaigh ceannaí cneasta cliste thar chlaí crua chloch.

7. Cearc ag piocadh piobair de phláta Pheadair.

8. Bhí Joe ag bean Joe agus bhí banjo ag Joe.

B’fhearr go deo Joe ar an mbanjo ná bean Joe ar an mbanjo go deo.

9. D’ith damh dubh ubh amh ar neamh.

10. Arsa Doug beag bog: “Rug gob beag bog gog beag bog.

In conclusion, When meeting new people, tongue twisters are a wonderful party trick. It’s an excellent way to improve your vocabulary.

When reading a tongue twister, you must focus on the distinct sounds. We recommended beginning with a slow speed and gradually increasing it. Shorter ones should be done several times.

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