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Top 20 Italian News Websites to Read in 2023

Did you know that learning through reading something new each day can slow down aging?

Well, don’t think it’s a hoax. Studies have shown that reading news can enhance creativity, critical thinking and language reading skills. Now that you know the shocking fact, why hold back on improving your Italian reading skills?

From this list of the top Italian news websites, you can start to slow down your aging regularly.

1. Florence Daily News

Florence Daily News is a Florence – based news portal for the latest news in Italy. They cover different topics such as business, culture, travel, life, sports and more. You can browse through different sections of the website to learn about different topics.

2. Repubblica

La Repubblica is an online newspaper headquartered in Lazio, Italy. They provide real-time news every 4 hours of the day on a range of topics like sports, economics, technology, politics and more.


ANSA is a notable news website that is rated well for its latest news with photos, videos and insights. You can gain access to first – hand interview based articles on politics, economy, religion, world news and other issues around the world.

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4. Gazzetta

To read the latest news on live sports, the one – stop website is Gazzetta. They cover sports news on different sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, F1, MotoGP, and even virtual gaming. For sports lovers, this can be an exclusive reading website.

5. Alto Adige

Alto Adige is one of the notable online newspapers in India. They continuously update the viewers with a range of news on topics of politics, sports, culture, economy and entertainment.

6. Libero Quotidiano

Libero Quotidiano is not only an Italian news portal, it is also an interactive space to share news and express opinions on it. So people in the community can share vital insights while reading news on different issues.

7. IL Manifesto

IL Manifesto is a website filled with news and information on different topics. You will also find European news and other news on extraterrestrial activities. It is based in Roma, Italy and they prioritize covering local news.

8. La Stampa

La Stampa is an excellent resource to gain knowledge of the burning issues of Italy. Whether it be politics, or economics, they cover news of both national and international affairs.

9. Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore is a reference point for all kinds of financial and economic information about Italy. You can access the contents, services and other information of the private companies through the news website of this organization.

10. IL Tempo

IL Tempo is a popular news portal in Rome, Italy. The website contains all the latest updates on foreign policy, politics, breaking news, sports and other issues in Italy and some international news.

11. Gazzetta di Parma

Gazzetta di Parma is the oldest newspaper in Italy. This online news website is headquartered in Parma, Italy. It was founded in 1735, and presently its advanced journalism makes people search their website for the latest news in the province.

12. la Città

la Città is a local newspaper in Italy. It has been massively distributed all across the province of Salerno since its founding in 1996. Presently, the website of the newspaper covers news articles in the Chronicle section.

13. Wired Italia

Wired Italia contributes to bringing the latest news on science and technology in Italy to a mass audience. The online portal also has big stories about culture, and business, so you can enjoy a range of interesting topics from their news website.

14. Il Giornale

Il Giornale is a daily newspaper in Rome. Their website contains updated breaking news about the daily events of Italy. You will find great insights in the local news and know more about the culture and heritage of the community.

15. Il Foglio

The Il Foglio has remained one of the most influential Italian weekly newspapers. Since 1996, they have enlightened the people about the news of the culture, politics, and business of Italy.

16. Hardware Upgrade

For the tech-lovers, the best news website to get updates on the latest technology is Hardware Upgrade. Since 1997, they have remained a notable Italian site covering all types of news on technology, computing and many more.

17. Notizie Geopolitiche

Notizie Geopolitiche is a leading online newspaper that covers news about geopolitics and foreign policy. This Italian website is a great source to learn about international events from a unique perspective and read about the mechanisms related to them.

18. Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera is a daily newspaper based in Milan. Their website’s quick updates with relevant issues and great quality of content has made them one of the leading Italian daily newspapers in Italy.


ZENIT is an international non-profit news agency which aims to provide the latest news on a range of topics. Their professional writers and journalists cover different topics along with official meetings, documents and humanity reports to shed light on the truth.

20. L’Arena

Even if L’Arena is a local newspaper in Italy, it has gained an international audience with its magazine section. They publish news and information articles on diverse topics to appeal to the readers.

Reading Italian news is not only beneficial for your language learning, it is also for connect to the culture, heritage and other information of Italian – speaking countries. You can connect with remarkable people and stay updated with the latest events if you read articles on the listed Italian news websites. Check them out soon!

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