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italki Review (2024): Learn Over 150 Languages!

If you type in google, “best language learning platforms”, you might see the name italki appear. italki is one of the biggest language tutoring platforms currently. It allows you to take language lessons from teachers around the world for 1-on-1 lessons.

If you stumble upon it, would you give it a try? Would it be worth it? Let’s find out with this italki review that consists of all you need to know!

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italki Languages

There are more than 150 languages available on italki. Starting from popular languages like English, French and Spanish, to uncommon languages like Swahili, and Basque, you can find it in italki.

Learning with italki

After you sign up and choose your target language, italki redirects you to choose your tutor and provides you with a list of lessons with prices. Some languages have fewer teachers than others It is based on the tutor’s choice to teach or not.

Most of the teachers communicate in a friendly way. The point to be noted is that not all teachers have the same quality of teaching, so it varies.

Usability of italki

You can use italki through their website or download their app. I tried both of them and I liked using the app version as it is more convenient. In order to find a tutor for your lessons, you can use filters and search options to find your perfect match. Some filters you can use to find your tutor are chosen based on their location, lesson prices, availability and more.

There are filter options based on categories. For instance, if you want to learn for a test or for business, you can categorize accordingly. I would recommend choosing a teacher who speaks your native language as that would make communication between learner-tutors easier.

Is Italki affordable for you?

To use Italki, you need to pay according to the teacher. The prices vary depending on the tutor’s experience and demand. The prices go from $4 at the minimum rate up to $80 at the maximum price. According to your budget, you can filter out the price. The rate is set hourly. You will get 3 30-minute trial lessons if you are new to Italki.

Pros of Italki

  • A large variety of teachers in a wide range of languages
  • Allows you to set up budget
  • Enables different filter options to enhance user experience
  • Both the app and website are pretty decent to use by people of any age

Cons of Italki

  • Unreliable as the quality of the teachers varies
  • High rate of lessons does not guarantee higher quality
  • A bit confusing to use as there is no set curriculum and the lesson organization depends on the tutor
  • Does not have a set standard for tutors with qualifications or experience

My Final Say on Italki

Instead of resorting to tons of hours of YouTube content on language learning, Italki is here to provide the learners with a full classroom-like studying platform with tutors. With resources, and lessons, Italki is pro at providing a wide range of language options to choose from.

I think even though the price varies, Italki is doing a good job at providing its users with options to learn a new language. If you are one of those who needs someone to tutor them, then Italki is a promising platform for you!

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