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Top 15 Japanese News Websites to Read in 2023

On a daily basis, people read tons of writing on Facebook posts, random websites, Google and other sources.

Now, wouldn’t it be remarkable if you use the same time to read in Japanese and become an advanced learner within no time? One of the most effective ways for you to achieve excellence in Japanese is by reading articles from Japanese news websites.

Below is the list of the top ones to get you started!

1. Asahi Shimbun Digital

Asahi Shimbun Digital is a news website by the Asahi Shimbun. It is translated and known as AJW (Asia & Japan Watch) also. They offer news in Japan and Asia with a critical guide for the audience.

2. NHK News Web

NHK News Web is a Japanese public broadcaster’s official website. Their channel broadcasts news and the online website contains the written news, press releases and articles.

3. Jiji Press

The Jiji Press is a Tokyo, Japan based news agency. They feature the latest news on politics, commentary, culture, lifestyle, sports and entertainment of Japan.

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4. Kyodo News

Kyodo News is a daily newspaper which provides news coverage of different events and news. The website features breaking news updates, listings, reviews, local news and international news.

5. Livedoor News

Livedoor News is one of the most active news online websites in Japan. With the constant latest news, people stay up-to date with the happenings of Japan on a daily basis.

6. ANNnewsCH

ANNnewsCH has a YouTube channel where accurate news is presented with high quality video. You can watch and read the article in the description of the news update.

7. Naver Entertainment

Naver Entertainment is the one – stop online website for all kinds of entertainment news in Japan. Whether it be celebrity information or anime reviews, you will find a ton of interesting topics to read.

8. Zakzak

Zakzak is a news website based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. In the original cut, you can find buzz – worthy news to keep you hooked. They cover social, economic, sports and various kinds of featured stories.

9. Chugoku Shimbun

Chugoku Shimbun is a daily newspaper in Japanese. It covers events, sports, economics, businesses and other topics of Japan. It is a local newspaper in the Chūgoku region of Japan and even if the online website is widely read, their printed copies has a daily circulation of 646,900.


BRIDGE is a signature business matchmaking initiative which contains information and articles on their website. The news articles focused specifically on investing and helping start-ups from around the world connect with relevant Japanese enterprises. The business blog articles are helpful materials to know all about business in Japan.

11. Gamesindustry

Gamesindustry is an online website that provides exclusive information about the gaming industry. Along with the latest developments in the gaming industry, they feature articles on management as well.

12. Sankei Shimbun

Sankei Shimbun is well known for its promising news updates from genuine sources. They attach photos and videos for the readers to get in – depth information about news on different topics.

13. Nikkan Sports

For those who are interested in the sports of Japan, Nikkan Sports is the ultimate website. It features articles from the daily sports newspaper published in Japan.

14. Mainichi Shimbun

Mainichi Shimbun is one of the oldest newspapers in Japan. It was established in 1872, and remains a leading source of news and information. Presently, they have advanced their features on their official website.

15. Tokyo Shimbun

Tokyo Shimbun is a daily newspaper and their online website in Japanese is a widely read source. The newspaper is published by the Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.

The positive aspects of reading news in Japanese are endless. One of the top advantages is that your reading skills in Japanese will reach the top level with regular practice. Start by visiting any of the listed Japanese news websites and enhance your skills and knowledge.

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