10 Best Japanese to English Translator Apps in 2024

Are you worried about how to socialize in Japan? With a translation app, you can make your communication in Japan as easy and stress-free as conceivable. With this in-depth guide, learn about the translation apps we’ve tried in real life and which ones truly function.

Language limitations used to be one of the most scary aspects of coming to a new place like Japan – being unable to convey your needs and goals to others, or even comprehend what they were saying to you. Although dictionaries are useful, they will not assist you if you need to search up a statement, a modified word, or even a complete sentence.

Japanese translator apps can assist you in learning the language in perspective, allowing you to see how words relate to communicate information. And that’s quite beneficial. Here is a list of the top Japanese to English translator apps:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate

This program is divided into three sections: picture, audio, and written translation. You aim your phone camera at the text you wish to read, and the app’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology “reads” it and displays the translation immediately on your phone screen, displacing the original text.

In addition, you may also input in English text to have it translated into Japanese (or another language), and conversely. Speaking through the phone’s constructed mic is also an option.

Google Translate captures your words, converts them to text, and then generates a translation. The target language is then read aloud to you. Moreover, google Translate may be used offline as well. It’s free to use and accessible on iOS and Android (of course).

2. Waygo

You may write or ‘draw’ kanji characters on the screen using this program. Some prior understanding of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean numerals is required. You may also ask Waygo to translate a text or a series of words by holding the phone up to it.

The application only allows you to do 10 free translations each day; after that, you’ll have to pay to use it. This app is only available on iOS. An official website is also available.

3. iTranslate

iTranslate is one of the best Japanese to English Translator Apps

This program can translate word, speech, and photos. Meanwhile, there are roughly 40 language pairings accessible, with English and Japanese being one of them. Once you’ve installed the necessary language packs, it also works offline.

Furthermore, a free trial of the premium version was used to test this. Both iOS and Android versions are available.

You might also like to practice these Japanese tongue twisters.

4. PapaGo

This program, created by Naver, can translate text, audio, and photos. Conversely, you may also use the app to hold a synchronized discussion in second language. You’ll be passing the phone back and forth between you and someone else who is speaking into the phone in a foreign language.

PapaGo also translates between Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese, among other Asian languages. This is something you should look into if you’re going across Asia. To use this app, you must be connected to the internet, but on the plus side, it is complimentary. Moreover, both iOS and Android versions are available.

5. Japanese Translator Offline

You put in the text you require and the program generates a Japanese translation for you. Certainly, you may also use your voice to communicate with the app. You won’t need WiFi to utilize this, as the name implies. It’s a completely free app. This is, as far as we know, an iOS-only app at the moment.

6. Photo Translator

This is the companion app to Evolly.app’s Japanese Translation. In addition, you may either upload a photo from your camera collection containing Japanese text or take a shot of what you’re looking at, and it will overlay a translation over the original document.

Furthermore, this free program will ask you to view a video commercial every now and then (30 seconds at the maximum, and generally about 10 seconds), but it’s a little price to pay. Both iOS and Android versions are available.

7. Japanese Translator Offline by Xung Le

Another simple offline translation app focusing on text-based translation is Xung Le’s Offline Japanese English Translator. Despite the fact that the terminology is confined to a stationary library, it is more than enough to navigate about and refresh your memory during those terrible periods of nothingness.

The program includes a large number of useful descriptive words, filler phrases, and sample sentences, which are especially useful for first-time visitors to Japan and novice learners. For example, if you Google “How do I go to,” you’ll find a diverse variety of Japanese examples of this phrase.

8. Japanese Translator: Japanese Voice translator app

This app is a voice translator app which has unique and amazing features. Luckily, people can translate from Japanese to any other languages with the voice translator app by many procedures such as voice to voice, voice to written, written to voice and text to text.

The voice recognition of Japanese voice translator app is surprisingly good. Meanwhile, it picks up English sentences accurately and very specifically when you speak and instruct quite clearly, and the resulting translations are really amazing.

Unfortunately, this wonderful app is only available on Playstore. The processor of the app is very easy and simple to use. Furthermore, people who have minimum knowledge about apps and software will be able to use it.

9. Japanese Translation by Excite Japan

Japanese Translation may appear to be similar to other translation apps at first glance, but it has some significant advantages, particularly for people who live or visit in Japan. For starters, the software was developed by Excite Japan, a Japanese corporation, and has over a thousand downloads in Japan alone.

So, if you’re going to use it to communicate with someone in Japan, odds are they already know how to use it.

10. iHandy Translator Free by iHandy Inc

Do you have a Japanese pen pal or like tweeting in the Japanese language? Try iHandy Translator, a terrific addition to your app collection that’s ideal for communicating in Japanese via email or social media. Furthermore, the multi-language translation app functions similarly to a standard reference translator.

In conclusion, apps seem more than simply games and music; they’re also instructors, communicators, and learning tools. You’ll strengthen your communication abilities and boost your general language confidence by downloading any of these free Japanese translation applications.

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